Uncle Weed’s Redrock Adventure – a storybook (part 6)

Uncle Weed's Redrock Adventure – part 6

Uncle Weed’s hut sat amongst a bunch of trees, bushes, flowers and gardens. All around lived rabbits, squirrels, butterflies, and bugs. Tree-forts, doghouses and bird-feeders appeared here and there around the colorful yard, as did the dogs, birds and even a few weaner pigs with bright collars and name tags.

Inside the cabin was filled with boxes, shelves, crates, and closets filled with stuff. It was one of those places you could stay for a year or two just looking. Looking and touching a lot. Sort of like a museum and petting zoo mixed together. There were bicycle parts, wooden toys, books, paintings, pots and pans, garlic bulbs, mobiles, photographs, and sculpture. Bob and Otto decided that Uncle Weed was certainly creative and handy.

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