BC Summer Music Festival Guide Part 2 from Vancouver Observer

jcrop previewThis article originally appeared in the Vancouver Observer as The Music Never Stops: BC Summer Music Festival Guide Redux as part 2 in continuation of a previous article. While some of these shows are past, this will be a handy starting point for next year’s festival season.

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Here’s the teaser: The Music Never Stops

Not enough fun in chapter 1? Pack the cooler and hit the road for even more tunes in the sun.

Turns out BC is the land of plenty for summer-time music fests. You probably already circled a few faves from: “Musical Dim Sum: A Guide to Small-ish Music Festivals in BC and Washington” now augment with these reinforcements to keep your head melted at just the right temperature.

Line up your calendar and explore the list at: “Musical Dim Sum: A Guide to Small-ish Music Festivals in BC and Washington” and augment with these reinforcements to keep your head melted at just the right temperature.

But don’t delay, the band’s are warming up… just around the next bend.

Soundwave (Ucluelet BC)

Web: http://soundwavemusicfestival.ca/
Date: July 16 – 18
Blurb: Go deep into the coastal wilderness after evading law enforcement and pack your gear into Mussel beach for monster sound systems and high-end purveyors of electronic music — they say, “Soundwave is a three day Journey Less Ordinary” and point out, “Rough Roads Lead to Smooth People!”
Camping: Short answer = Yes – cheerfully detailed at FAQ
Musically noteworthy: Global talent ranging from Live Sets, to an All Vinyl Shakedown

Photo by KK

The Big Day Up (Comox Valley

Web: http://thebigdayup.com/
Date: July 17 – 1:30PM to 11Pm ~ plus an after party in the lodge
Blurb: A one-dayer so doesn’t exactly hit my requirements but a day on Mt Washington on the Island is fun in itself — add music for more goodtimes
Camping: Nope
Musically Noteworthy: Australia’s Cat Empire headlines a bill with Daniel Wesley

Photo by KK

Bonfire Music Festival (Birken — near Pemberton)

Web: http://www.bonfirefestival.com/
Date: July 23-25
Blurb: “The Moon Farm is located in a beautiful mountain valley that gets lots of sunshine”
Camping: Yep
Musically Noteworthy: “Our stellar lineup of musical performers will appeal to a broad range of the Roots, Groove, Jazz, Funk & Folk audience who are known to appreciate the outdoor festival experience.”

Littlefest (near Slocan)

Web: http://littlefest.ca/
Date: July 23 & 24
Blurb: “Littlefest is little, with a maximum attendence of 500 folks. This way you can easily find your way around, strike up a conversation with your neighbor, have a drink – while keeping an eye on your kids.”
Camping: Free on-site!
Musically noteworthy: Bands with names like Meatdraw, The Dharmas, Wood Pigeon, and Blackberry Wood, looks like a bit of old-timey, mellow-going, good-times

Bass Coast Project (Squamish)

Web: http://www.basscoastproject.com/bass/
Date: July 23 – 26
Blurb: Appears to be part yoga retreat, part mud wrestling escape, and part DJ-driven dance o’ rama alongside the river. Limberness awaits. Photos look like a life-changing space cruise.
Camping: I’m guessing yes
Musically Noteworthy: Ummm… just not sure how to answer this — decipher lineup at your leisure

Photo by KK

Wild Salmon Fest (Lumby)

Twitter: @WildSalmonMusic
Date: July 23 – 25
Blurb: Hang/para-glider fly-up plus music festival in the interior and only $40 wknd which supports wild salmon habitat restoration
Camping: Yes
Musically noteworthy: Rockin’. Country. Blues.

Under the Volcano (North Vancouver)

Web: http://volcano.resist.ca/
Date: Aug. 8th
Blurb: Arts, social change and activism at Cates Park in North Van
Camping: Not officially
Musically noteworthy: Assortment of activist-minded acts including Veda Hilde plus speakers including writer Naomi Klein

Remember Stay hydrated, keep you bottles and bongs on the downlow and have some fun. Did i miss a fest here or in Musical Dim Sum: A Guide to Small-ish Music Festivals in BC and Washington? Make sure to add a comment.

Thanks: Photos by KK, Photo editing by fiercekitty, mariachi photo by authour + Tips from various Weed Scouts — merit badges for all!

The summer’s already rolling by and the prime of festivals season is nigh — so hook up your tent trailer, fill a growler of microbrews to go with your a flat of Old Style Pilsner and choose your vibe from world-y folk to trance in the wild.

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