Disaster Repair in The Philippines with the SeaBees ~ Choogle On! #103

Continuing on a conversation about Iraq and Afghanistan, Lt. Magnum of the US Navy shares experiences from an assignment helping the Philippines recover from a variety of natural disasters aboard the USS Pelilu (named for the Palaun island). Stories include logistics of engineering, construction projects, diplomatic relations, ingenuity on the ground, pig roasts, helicopter landings and the goodness of the Navy’s construction battalion AKA SeaBees.

Fire up the Dozer for Disaster Repair in The Philippines with the SeaBees ~ Choogle On! #103 (.mp3, 19:12, 18MB)

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/DisasterRepairInThePhilippinesWithTheSeabeesChoogleOn103_33/disaster-repair-in-the-philippines-with-the-seabees-choogle-on-103.mp3]

Choogle on! Disaster Recovery with Seabees


Lt. Magnum in: Reconstructing Mesopotamia with Lt. Magnum – Choogle On! #94

{Upcoming} Panorama photo of Pelilu, Palau as seen from Bloody Nose Ridge


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