Purple Kush Micro Growtime ~ Choogle On! #36

A curious Christmas gift of a budding ganja plant gets Uncle Weed making a micro grow environment for a purple kush plant. He assembles the light mogul and reflector shield and talks about metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs, the mystery of ballasts and nutrients plus other useful grow show tidbits learned at Jon’s Plant Factory (on Hastings in Burnaby just past Boundary). Plus talks about a hookahs from Baghdad and Moorish musings from a Tetaria in Granada, Espana.

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Choogle on with Uncle Weed #36

Music snippets:

Glorious bud - purple kush cannabis bud
Purple Kush budding

Ganaj bud nugget purple kush
Purple Kush Flowers

Ganaj purple kush
Purple Kush Bud

Gloria's new home purple kush ganja grow
Purple Kush Growing

Light fixture
Light Hood at Jon’s Plant Factory

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