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My amigo Bob has completed his book “God Refined: A Proposal for Peace” and is in process of spreading the word to the public at large.   Being a strict indifferentialist, i abhore religion-induced dogma – fortunately Bob approaches his philosophy with a rejection of guilt, dogma and any cosmic speculation which seeks to bring some people down.

Here’s his press release announcing the book including a link to grab a free e-version or buy a paperback for your thoughtful consideration.  You can also check out Bob’s emerging blog “Urantia Writer” and photostream (featuring pics of Spanish beaches with peaceful folk) to get to know this remarkable dude.



Local author relates God, science, and personal responsibility to global peace.

EUGENE, OR – JANUARY 9, 2007 – With God Refined: A Proposal for Peace, Robert Kezer answers what may be our most important question: Can the average person make a difference in the world, or are we destined to a future beyond our control – one of increasing war, environmental destruction, and disparity between the rich and poor?

Today, many people feel religious strife is tearing us apart. Ancient scriptures contradict logic, history, and science: fanatics rule while reason, character, and education falter. Wisdom, the combination of knowledge and experience, is often overshadowed by dogma, church imposed doctrine considered beyond human debate. Yet, rather than our spirituality destroying us, Kezer says it is what has stopped the carnage from getting worse: this, he offers, is a clue for ending the violence consuming our planet.

In God Refined, we are challenged to accept global change as personal responsibility. Kezer shows how beliefs in hell, karmic justice, and the wrath of God are fear-based ideas retarding humanity’s progress – concepts no longer reasonable for most educated people. Drawing on the Urantia Revelation, he teaches the unified nature of creation, that our relationship with God is personal, and that all religions are considered equal under the umbrella of a single sovereign Creator.

On a planet becoming ever more violent, Kezer offers the tools we need to survive. His approach is simple, direct, and compelling: abolishing war is our responsibility, not that of our leaders. Believing that crisis creates opportunity, he visualizes a new era of global community – one where women enjoy full partnership with men in all decision-making, from the family level to the world stage. Relating humanity’s evolution to individual personal growth, we are presented with a path to a higher order of existence, one from which peace can have its first true chance.

God Refined: A Proposal for Peace is offered in paperback and in a Complimentary E-book edition for those people for whom the cost would impose a hardship.

Please download your free review copy at:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bob returned to college in 2002 pursuing a self-designed program in Peace Studies: he
graduated in 2006 with bachelor’s degrees in International and Religious Studies from the University of Oregon. Working to become bilingual so he can also present in Spanish, he writes and speaks on God, religious tolerance, and our tools for abolishing war. Bob has one adult son and lives in Eugene, Oregon.

God Refined: A Proposal for Peace by Robert A. Kezer
2006. First Edition. 6 x 9; 60 pages. ISBN:
978-0-6151-3810-7. Available through bookstores and in
paperback ($12.99 + p&h), e-book ($6.98), and
complimentary download at:
Publication Date: 1 March 2007. Thank you.

One thought on “Reverend Bob on God Refined…”

  1. Yo, DaveO.

    You can’t go wrong with a friend like Rev. Bob. As you, I too shun exclusivity in all religions and philosophies.

    I completed my first read of his “God Refined” work last night and his mental wisdom as well as spiritual truth and courage is superb. Indeed, after reading his insights, i now have no excuses for not becoming a better person. He has well placed the “spiritual ball” in my court and the court of each and every individual at a grass roots level. No one, not even God will force us to do what is right, it is our free will responsibility to do it from the ground up without anyone pulling our strings… Here you have found more than a transient observation, even a universal, eternal, and infinite one.

    Keep on keeping on, DaveO. All the best to you and your loved ones, today and forever… richard

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