Trivial Retractions and Power Outages – Choogle On! #35

Trivial Retractions and Power Outages – Choogle On! #35
Trivial Retractions and Power Outages – Choogle On! #35

Cutting through the woods late for the bus, Uncle Weed admits his confusion concerning Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and gives the whole low-down on Ross’s history and points out Wikipedia’s errors, then … announces everyone’s a winner! Plus pimps more fave podcasts and happyvappys.

Days later, catches up with God Bud and Purple Smurf from the secret herbal lounge (good to hang in power outages), Gastown’s colorful history, homeless housing, fallen trees in Stanley Park, hockey games and Festivus gift ideas. 

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 Gift Ideas: postcards from wherever you are, neat stuff you made, organic dark roast dank coffee, tasty tea, wool socks (Smartwool and/or Dahlgren, sz. M, mid-weight), cellulose rollies, buy an African family a goat … HappyVappy Vaporizer Kit consider purchasing a HappyVappy Vaporizer Kit for a loved one Uncle Weed’s mailing address (this DOES NOT mean to stop by, please)

Resources: Nemo the ambidextrous artist from Eugene, Oregon – blog Nemo makes art Chillaxin’ Podcast syndicate Clubside Breakfast Time, The Pudcast, Unmajestic’s CommuniqueMastan Music podcastBC Iraq, squandered billions in reconstructionKEXPIndieFeed


  • Silverhawk “Wakin’ up drunk, wishing i was deead”
  • Larry Harper (of Utah Valley) from ZZZyz Rd.
  • Black Tories – Lazarus from Love Lies Bleeding released by Kill Kool Records

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