Trey, dude call me, we’ll spark one (or at least hire a driver man)

Ernest Anastacio is better known as Trey from Phish, a fine, quirky jam band (who i first saw in Providence Rhode Island in 1992 or so), was busted late last night 12/15/06) early this morning or whatever.

Willie Nelson's stash from recent bust

busted trey
TSG Mug Shot: Trey Anastasio

{message to Trey} Dude, Ern… really take it easy man, we don’t need another burnt out, wasted talent sucked into pharmaceuticals. Stick to the naturals man and oh yeah by the way, i really like your solo stuff, i saw your sound check at Red Rocks a few years back and you were going in a whole new direction. Dug it. Oh yeah, take it easy dude, take some time off and kick back if you are in so much pain (and shit dude, hire a fuckin’ driver and avoid all these problems and keep on partyin’).

According to the popular tattle-tale documentary site, The Smoking Gun (who posted his booking photo), he was busted with some harsh ‘scrips:
You’d think he’d enjoy his reefer like Willie Nelson (stash below) or maybe some ‘shrooms or even LSD but he is more akin to Rush Limbaugh in his choice of inebriations, …

Phish frontman Trey Anastasio was arrested in December 2006 by upstateNew York cops for driving while intoxicated and illegal possession of avariety of medications (Xanax, Percocet, and Hydrocodone) prescribed insomeone else’s name. Anastasio, 42, whose real first name is Ernest, was nabbed by Whitehall police just miles from the Vermont borderfollowing a traffic stop. He was charged with criminal possession of acontrolled substance, DWI-drugs, and driving without a license.

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