Sixth Street Rock Walk SXSW Mop-up – Choogle on #65

Before heading to Mexico for chillaxin’ times, Uncle Weed wraps up SXSW trip by chatting with Austin local Pugz – and various random characters – while rolling out a vast variety of great music including: Liam Finn (New Zealand), Black Angels (Austin), Los Campesinos (Wales), The Constantines (Canada), Tiger Tiger, Sons and Daughters (Glasgow), Wedding Present (Dublin), The Pasties (Olympia, WA) and various mysterious artists, while wandering the bustling streets of Austin USA, listening to the commotion, meeting curious folks, and commenting on food and recycling.

Note: Please add band links in comments to save me the time ;-).

One more for the road … Sixth Street Rock Walk SXSW Mop-up – Choogle on #65 (.mp3, 43:22, 35MB)

Sixth Street Rock Walk Mop-up
Original photo by Chris Heuer on Flickr
, art’ed up by Uncle Weed on Phixr

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One thought on “Sixth Street Rock Walk SXSW Mop-up – Choogle on #65”

  1. Bummed we didnt get to stay for the music, but really stoked we got to hang with you for a little bit in a new city – nice work on artin up the photo – glad you liked it and it worked well for this