SxSW Sixth Street Rock Walk Mop-up – Choogle On #65

Sixth Street Rock Walk Mop-up

Uncle Weed wraps up SXSW trip by chatting with Austin local Pugz – and various random characters – while rolling out a vast variety of great music including:

  • Liam Finn (New Zealand)
  • Black Angels (Austin)
  • Los Campesinos (Wales)
  • The Constantines (Toronto?)
  • Tiger Tiger
  • Sons and Daughters (Glasgow)
  • Wedding Present (Dublin)
  • The Pasties (Olympia, WA)

and various mysterious artists, while wandering the bustling streets of Austin USA, listening to the commotion, meeting curious folks, and commenting about food and recycling.

Note: Please add band links in comments to save me the time ;-).

One more for the road … Sixth Street Rock Walk SXSW Mop-up – Choogle on #65 (.mp3, 43:22, 35MB)

Cover art Original photo by Chris Heuer on Flickr, art’ed up by Uncle Weed

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One thought on “SxSW Sixth Street Rock Walk Mop-up – Choogle On #65”

  1. Bummed we didnt get to stay for the music, but really stoked we got to hang with you for a little bit in a new city – nice work on artin up the photo – glad you liked it and it worked well for this