CBC Radio, Crazy Photo Contest and Canucks Fan Punditry Ahoy!

The season starts for real this week and there’s plenty going on in Canuck-land. Besides player movement and line combos to sort out, here are a couple of tasty bits and pieces …

Outsider on CBC

I’ll be on CBC Radio One tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 9th, 2008) on the BC Almanac show at around 12:30 tomorrow to talk about the impending Canucks season – be sure to tune in (and someone do me a favour and record it eh). For fun, here’s me and Roland Tanglao discussing the Canucks Outsider “Alive for the Playoffs” live stream on CBC Radio’s “On the Coast” a couple seasons ago.

Win Prizes with Photos

Canucks at burrard at stn

You may have noticed me and my cohorts from the Crazy Canucks on the transit advertising in Skytrain stations around Vancouver. Wily fans can win prizes including lower-bowl tickets to the open practice (ohhh ahhh) from JJ of Canucks Hockey Blog. To enter, submit a photo with you posing with one of the Crazy Canucks ads. See TCC#65 – Getting our hopes up and/or Miss 604’s Spot The Crazy Canucks Contest for details.

Curmudgeonly Goalie Guest

I’ll be bringing outspoken analyst Ian Bell onto the Outsider next week to talk about playing in Europe, playing for Team Canada and how the Canucks look to him this season. Bound to be entertaining (well, the podcast is *always* entertaining right?)

New Pundit Rocks

Have you read the first edition of Joe Tory’s “Black Ice” column? Besides having loquacious opinions about the Canucks, Joe fronts a sonic juggernaut of a band called the Black Tories. You can hear their music in episodes of the Canucks Outsider and/or at theBlackTories.com – be sure to keep an eye out for gigs in your area.

Outsider sells out

The Canucks.com launched a new section, the Fan Zone, to feature social media makers and profile die-hard Canuck fans around the world. Both the Canucks Outsider and Crazy Canucks podcasts are of course in the mix. The Outsider listing even comes with a disclaimer.

The original Canucks podcast, the Canucks Outsider is the fan’s audio magazine. Each episode is a unique documentary delving deep into Canucks lore past and present. The shows are recorded on the road, at the rink, or on the porch, but always with a beer in hand.

Canucks Outsider also explores international tournaments, Vancouver Giants, Winter Olympics and hockey culture in general and offer a special welcome to Canucks fans far and wide in foreign lands. Dave is also heard on The Crazy Canucks podcast and hosts the noted “Alive for the Playoffs!” streaming video casts.

What’s there:
After-hours analysis and insight on the Canucks and hockey culture

(Warning! may not be appropriate for younger listeners)

What’s good:
Anecdotes about Canucks history and irreverent recordings from unexpected locations

For your amusement, here’s the Canucks Outsider feature page, the Fan Zone Guide page and the Crazy Canucks profile page. Next up, i think we need hockey cards ;-)


Canucks Outsider podcast on Canucks.com Fanzone

Canucks Outsider host, Dave Thorvald Olson, is a long-time hockey aficionado, published writer and documentary maker. He adds creative insight and literary depth to his deep Canucks roots and vast memorabilia collection.

Dave’s often joined by the wise Dan Funboy who brings thoughtful, pragmatic analysis and keeps Dave in check, along with an assortment other outspoken guests and hardcore pundits.

New Podcast – alas with less beer

Finally, a new Outsider goes out late tonight or sometime tomorrow. Thanks to Molson Brew 2.0 for sending me a case of Rickard’s beer while i was recovering from an off-season emergency appendectomy. I am getting my skating legs back just in time for the season! Thanks for the good wishes from the Canucks and you decent folks in Canucks Nation. Prost!

Whatcha think?