“Who Owns the Canucks?” – Canucks Outsider #64

In the wake of Reg Dunlop (AKA Paul Newman)’s demise, Dave answers the question “Who owns the Canucks?” – The answer is “All of us!”

Besides tracing his journey as a fan and introducing new listeners to the show’s format (with help from clips of CBC’s On the Coast show), Dave breaks down the new look Canucks roster – still in the midst of flux – and riffs about keys to this season including face-offs, early road-trip success, and a revived, puck-moving, physical defense corps.

Download: “Who Owns the Canucks?” – Canucks Outsider #64 (.mp3, 41:27, 41MB)

"Who Owns the Canucks?" - Canucks Outsider #64

Album art: Photo by John Bollwit, art’ed up by Bread the Producer

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The Black Tories – Ghost in the Machine

Geoff Berner – Light Enough to Travel

Vancouver Bassoon Quartet – Hockey Night theme (recorded on Main st. Car Free fest)

Bill Janovitz – score from “Here Comes a Regular”


Randall Maggs from Night Work – The Sawchuk Poems


Anton Sledgehammer – (See the Canucks Outsider and Crazy Canucks at the Fan Zone)

CBC Radio One’s On the Coast with Pria Raymu and Roland Tanglao

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