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Scrapjournal: purchased Nepal > filled Quebec + Maritimes / ephemera, addresses, etc 2017

Scrapbook: purchased Nepal > filled Maritimes, 2017 / ephemera, annotations, musings (Nepal + Royal Canadian Signals cover)
Scrapbook: purchased Nepal > filled Maritimes, 2017 / ephemera, annotations, musings (Nepal + Royal Canadian Signals cover)

As the cover implies, the handmade (not by me obv) was purchased in Nepal. Inside the papers are thick and tactile and hearty enough to support plenty of glued-in times. The time to fill came during a trip to Eastern Canada – life was confusing and i had no grounding whatsoever (granted i am fairly used to this sensation) so i went looking for a home. I visited Montréal, Quebec City, Halifax, St. John’s, Cape Breton and Moncton – in each city, i stayed in an shared apartment and attempted to live as though i lived there. This means, walking to grocery store and post office, finding book shops, cafe, coffee shops, looking up rental/purchase prices, exploring neighbourhoods, visiting parks and markets… in all to see if i could “fit there”. I did a slightly more touristy activity in each place – a museum (Montreal Forum, Tintin in QC, Citadel in Halifax, out Cape Spear and Signal Hill in St. John’s…). Also Canada Day in Halifax and St Jean de Baptiste day in QC. I travelled by combination of trains, ferries (including Dartmouth and overnight Nfld to NS ferry), highway busses, and occasional plane, as well as utilizing public transport in each city including from the airport.

Along the way, i documented the towns with my usual assortment of ticket stubs, news clippings, brochure scraps, scribbled notes, addresses, biz cards, stickers, coasters and even a few cloth patches.

BTW, i didn’t find an ideal town for me – each place certainly had good things but no were a perfect fit for me. Big reason is my intolerance for cold and related rugged living. Just getting out and about is difficult for me ya see. Thought if i were to choose a place, it would be Moncton, NB.

Scrapbook: Maritimes, 2017 (Nepal book, back cover)
Scrapbook: Maritimes, 2017 (Nepal book, back cover)

Citadel Hill (Halifax): Military Uniforms / various eras and purposes

Citadel: Recruit fitted for uniform (black on black)
Citadel: Recruit fitted for uniform (black on black)
Citadel: Papers signed, life surrendered to whims of a government
Citadel: Papers signed, life surrendered to whims of a government

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Car(e)-free Sound Stroll – Urban Vancouver #8

A walk around various car-free day festivals in Vancouver, 2008 with unedited soundstream of drum circles, live bands of various sorts (including several numbers by a Grateful Dead inspired band, a free jazz combo, a protesting singer-songwriter, and a Latin-esque outfit…), plus skateboards, slam poets, and a bassoon quartet playing “hockey night theme” among other tunes.

Wander along for: Car(e)-free Sound Stroll – Urban Vancouver #8 (51:49, 75MB, 192k .mp3)

Podfeed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/UrbanVancouver

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Trainspotting: VIA Rail’s “the Ocean” Heads Out of Moncton, New Brunswick

The VIA Rail train “The Ocean” – from which i just disembarked – pulls out of Moncton, New Brunswick heading west towards Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

Quarry Sighted: Continued exploits and dispatches from one Thor Aronson

Thor Aronson, Istanbul
Thor Aronson, Istanbul

 ++ Continued Exploits and Dispatches from one Thor Aronson ++

Over a week now in Istanbul, just waiting for evidence his quarry was here, or had stopped through at least. But, not a lead until a well-bribed cleaner a 4th floor walk-up hotel sent word (through contacts at the port) of a passport matching his vague description.

“A Canadian?” thought Thor, “they’re not even their own damn country! Just another dominion of the damn British!”

A closer look revealed his Greek heritage which indicated he had at least two passports to travel under. The stamp s showed a circuratous route through various Mediterranean, Levant and Baltic enclaves.

Thor Aronson - "Gus Lester" passport
“Gus Lester” passport (Canadian)
Yet “Gus” is no TE Lawrence or even Wilfred Thesinger, no way he could be rambling through these remote places without assistance from a fluent Arabic speaker, various fixers and sea captains. But still, Thor was at least a step behind… if not more.
With myriad ships going in and out of the gateway to Europe and Asia, he could be just about anywhere, but most definitely he was at sea as the rail lines were still rebuilding from frequent bombings, likely effectuated by those nefarious Brits.
No matter, after contacting an inside source at the Canadian Consulate (of course sequestered down a hallway at the UK embassy) Thor knew the passport was a fake, and even the name might not be accurate, but… The face was definitely the mug he was after.
Thor sat down stone steps between the grand souk and the blue mosque, lit a cigar and waited for another smoke signal. If he was careless to leave the passport behind in the hotel safe, no doubt something else would emerge. The bribes were paid, the photo circulated and soon Gus would tip another card. Inhaling deeply, Thor mattered, “fucking Canadians, when will they get it together and become their own country?”

“Rock Train” Cross-Canada, 2012 / mixed media collage

Static Montages
“Rock Train” Cross-Canada, 2012 / mixed media

Dave Olson, Cub Scout – ID badge from 1975-76

Appropriate identification. Can i use this to purchase beer?  Note: Always Dave, rarely ever David.

#CubScout #Canada #Akela #Scouts


Victoria Day Parade, 23 Bands at Victoria, Canada 2016

Crowd shots of various marching bands (mostly from BC and Washington State) playing in the Victoria Day Parade in Victoria BC Canada, May 2016.


Tracks On Tracks – Artifact Roundup from the train

What is Tracks on Tracks? Riders with One Word Answers

Published on Jun 13, 2012

Video by Nathan Skillen