Post’d: received, delivered & stamped, (various catch-all)

Eph in West Greenwich doing *this* exactly correct / topsy turvy

By now you know I enjoy making cards, sending cards, receiving cards… and then documenting both the sending and receiving as possible. As you might expect, this sort of routine easy to fall behind on and well… that’s fine cause not really the important part anyway.

That said, sometimes when things slip through the cracks and/or don’t really have a theme or “container”, they seem a bit lost or sad lost in some digital shoebox. But, this is just me overthinking, right?

postcard and custom cassette mix tape (with art flag by Noriko Miyake)

Moving on, here are some cards that i made/mailed which were delivered and the recipient photographed and sent evidence. While in other cases, some envelopes received with splendid stamps on board or, cards otherwise received which possibly were not inventoried.

from the Leo card series 2021, not sure who, was it you? thanks

At the risk of redundancy, some of these may appear and other dossiers. Regardless, enjoy – there are always more more more.

another from the Leo cards series 2021, again, recipient unknown, you can see why this task is tricky right?
card from Olympia, Greece, from a friend from Germany who is often in Vancouver and sometimes in Japan
just look at this variety and detail! JMV is a master of making the historical, contemporary and relevant
from New Zealand with stamps, stamps Par Avion, i think was delivering stamps but i can’t recall
so much Canada, Canada, oh Canada
this one started to go to Greece, but came back early, did Nikos finally receive it?
been meaning to send a card to the post office on Galiano to say “thanks for getting KK’s general delivery goods delivered”
get in on the fun by directing your postal dispatches to Tsuchida Cottage
yup, goofing with postboxes and insta-camera, very predictable dave, very / also hat from Marty the potter in Moab

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