Diary: #daveo52 / happiness and time are infinite, right?

chicken, 4 ways

Most years, for my birthday I “give myself a present of making some creative project”… In past years there was the Frederick Varley three-part mixed media essay in Vancouver Observer, the “poets, punks and revolutions: Forgotten Vancouver stories” video from Northern Voice 2013 (with Andrew Lavigne), last year was the “Leo card“ bonanza plus a special video dispatch “Castle, foundations and pyjamas (from Saskatoon to Tsuchida)“, the year before was the “Regarding Personal Archeology #daveo50 (video introduction)” project tracking each year of my then-50 years, i also assembled and published my 1988 “Uncle Weed’s Red Rock Storybook” in 31 parts for another birthday creation. Previously was big raging parties for UncleWeed 40 Pig Roast and UncleWeed 42 (+ brother Danimal 39) “Music Festival” themed epic (round-up)… Anyway this year I had thought about doing a live poetry reading or maybe a chapbook, or finish the Kerouac in Kobe video.

But then I remembered the most important things for this year are being an “good husband and papa” and the most important thing in life is having time/connections with the people that you care about. (plus recalled that mid-August when folks are rocking the last of summer is a lousy time to put something out on the internet, regardless of my fck stats make art ethos). So/and:

waking up, 1 year in the new.old.new house/cottage

Also, I just can’t seem to “bounce up” recently… I mean between the illness (MECFS) and the heat and a couple of energy-vampire significant “personal life administration” projects that i’m not quite comfortable talking about yet, i’m spending a significant amount of time in bed (not shocking for my illness and no, no advice requested), i did close to nothing as far as a creative project aside from posting a few odds and ends while killing time in the doctors office.

Indeed,i went to seitai treatment – it being a “holiday“ (i guess) as the last day of O-bon, a lot of people waiting ahead of me so i shared some dispatches (about Auroville and the end of my driving “career“), reading a new ‘zine as well as Nick Bantock‘s “Sabine’s notebook“ – which I now own two original creations – and then lay down on the fainting couch underneath a framed print of my art (yes I will say this every time).

Sei tai drs waiting room with zine and epistolary lit

After an intense treatment (it really spins me out), Ryoko picked me up, gave me a sandwich and took me home to bed… PS going to the doctor, i did a funny thing (i think) by wearing the same outfit the doctor always does to see if he will notice: Khaki pants, brown belt, off-white short-sleeve collared shirt. No comment but i was amused.

The previous few days, we prepared food in stages including slow roasting a pork belly, marinating and roasting three kinds of chicken thighs (banana pepper mustard, barbecue, and jerk) and then oiled-down and powder jerk rub on a chicken, marinating resting overnight. Mother-in-law made salads, I always have pickles on standby, so we just stashed the chicken in the oven – on the special rack with a tall can of Spring Valley – for an hour and whazzam, dinner.

Of course my pal Mac the goat farmer came over with a large flagon of fancy Koti beer and two lovely gifts, a great new record and cool new T-shirt. Thanks Pal.

we tried to call Cmdr Bob but no go

My lovely in-laws also gifted me a couple of new T-shirts. I also told them how grateful I am for how we built a relationship more and more this year as it’s a one year anniversary also of us moving back into the new/old/new cottage.

quick with the photo and eat the gelato!

For dessert, Ryoko with help from Ichiro, really, made Matcha Gelato as my request and it was fantastic! We pulled out Mom‘s fancy China and she wrote “happy birthday Dave” in chocolate sauce which Ichiro quickly attacked.

And, while throwing Ichiro around, he noticed the missing pack of Anpanman “fireworks“ (sparklers and simple things) we had put on top of the fridge and forgotten about so we promptly went outside where there was a little bit of rain (hooray!) and had some fire fun.

So in amongst jerk chicken and hanabi sparklers… so ends another circuit for me and so ends another o-bon so our ancestors can go back to their heavenly confines and me to bath. good night wonders, fondly, dvo

Aside: Fire is important this time of year as we light small fires on the stoop of the house to guide the deceased relatives home for a short visit during this holiday (we also cleaned the graves the other day) so it seemed like a fitting end to the tradition.

After food and fire, Mac and I went out to the barn to spin some records and just shoot the breeze for a while before he had to go back and make goat cheese. We reminisced about the three years in a row on my birthday we’ve come out here to play records and this is the first year it’s been really tidy and with the air conditioner in action making it very pleasant. The stereo tune-ups from the recent surprise visit by the piano tuner were very welcome as well.

The next day, August 17, i barely left the bed, i’m just wiped out, i tried to call a few friends and exchange a few messages, tended to a few obnoxious life administration tasks (including doing an audit of important things to make sure they have my Japan address so I can cancel my Canadian mail drop) and continued in a little bit on my “archive clear out“ project (you are here) with a couple of more scheduled posts which are all moving very very slowly as I figure out more ways to make them complicated/useful/interesting.

Just Be(ing)Real (and as boring as possible)

And then I watched the Winston Churchill movie “the darkest hour“ with Gary Oldman (with my mind thinking about my pal SM who reminds me to KBO) and listened to Tony Pierce’s “Hear in LA“ podcast with guest poet Mike.

Ryoko came home with another very special thoughtful gift for me which I’ll explain some other time. I am so lucky to have her as my “everything“.

Then the usual Ichiro read a book, dinner time, bathtime, more book time, sleep time that is really the wonderful part of my life.

Thanks to folks who chimed in, was just kind of keeping it mellow and low-key this year so i save the energy but please know your friendship is greatly appreciated.

Next day: Ryoko is out doing some large stone installations in a landscape today she’s coming home for lunch with her colleague du jour so I’m going to pull myself together and make sure there’s a lunch waiting for them and just keep on being 52, frequently weary, slightly chubby but generally decent.

Note to self: attempt to avoid existentialist crisis, happiness and time are infinite.

Happy posthumous birthday to Charles Bukowski, Lew Welsh & real life birthday to Astrid in Germany and Sarah in Orem.

Oh, you oughta read this story about the Emperor of Japan’s speech about unconditional surrender via @theatlantic by Max Fisher (but not the one from Wes Anderson’s Rushmore) … There’s a lot more to the story which was made on two plates of acetate, a significant piece of vinyl to say the least. If you are up for it, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Supernova in the East will take up all your time but worth it.

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  1. YIKES! Forgetful Billybob here. HAPPY BELATED BERTH DAY, Dave ! Looks like you had a special and sentimental little ceremony, as it should be. That matcha gelato looked intensely satisfying

    1. Ain’t no timeline on your good wishes and all that kind of thing. Sentimental? I’m not so much, just lighting things up more of the movement of the little guy. The gelato was fantastic and they might even be some in the freezer if you drop by

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