Notice: Regarding Personal Archeology #daveo50 (video introduction)

+ Personal Archeology Project + 

From the kura barn studio, Dave offers advance notice of a curated exhibit of ephemera including daily personal photos representing each year from 1970-2020, as well as various certificates, publications, media articles, plus possibly spectacles, ribbons, report cards and other oddities.

Starting June 26th with 1-3 posts daily until August 16 when he turns 50 (life half way point, right) and (assuming all goes to plan) finishes with photos with (forthcoming) son.

Yearly snaps are diligently gathered from passports, photo booths, class photo day, portrait studios, and ID cards of alllll kinds (including fakes), then accurately dated with assistance of glasses and haircuts.

Locations include Saskatoon, Lansing, Eugene, Surrey/Vancouver, Utah (various) and that’s just the 1970s. Some years have several, some are scant, all are amusing(ish) – loads of curious outfits, characters and incarnations.

#daveo50 personal archeology project

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Note: if you note errors and omissions, please dutifully report by the “errors and omissions” form conveniently available here at “DaveO Creative Life Archive” featuring over 4000 semantically curated entries (so far).

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