Tsuchida Yard and Garden – Japan Cottage Musings

With Ichiro strapped on whilst outdoors, Dave and some dodgy camera work walk around the yard and gardens of our home in Okayama, Japan. Stops include: picnic area(s), Ryoko’s tool shed, location of upcoming house addition, various wood piles, bamboo grove, Mother’s vegetable garden, the kura grain barn turned art studio and (of course) a persimmon tree.

Appearances by father Takeshi, Ryoko of course, and the neighbour lady stops by to see the cutest baby.

Tsuchida Yard and Garden: Kei-truck with shelf project

2 thoughts on “Tsuchida Yard and Garden – Japan Cottage Musings”

  1. Hi Dave! I saw your comment on the article on Food52. Cool to see your happy life in Okayama! I lived in Okayama city for two years in the late 80’s. Natsukashiii. 😊 Do you know the singer Alan Stone? You remind me of him. Genki de, ne. Good luck with all the reno.

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