Podcast Update for 2018 – for the record

Just an update: in the past year I’ve crafted all the podcast listed below – aside from the “Guam” one (which is drafted, sort of kinda) – plus many others.

Also worth noting that the “Postcards from Gravelly Beach“ podcast feed is completely rebuilt with all proper ID3 data, blog post metadata, original album art per episode, and submitted to several more distribution sites. 81 episodes since 2005

“Choogle On with Uncle Weed” podcasts are all functioning and at archived dot org (thanks to mysterious assistance) but still plan to tuneup the blog posts a little bit.
Well over 100 now.
The “Olympic Outsider” archive is also rebuild and properly archived, Including a few other audio clips recorded at ORN press conferences, and other “mainstream” news dispatches on which I appeared.
And, “Community Feasthouse” got a lot of kind attention this year and now features an assortment of my talks, presentations, spiels, and a few select excerpts from rain city radio and other corporate podcasting – which all makes me quite happy.
Oh, a couple of  Roland Tanglao “Roland’s Rabble” featuring a bunch of Vancouver tech luminaries.
Also “Urban Vancouver” got a few more additions. Basically this is sound scene and other out and about in Vancouver which don’t really fit anywhere else. Various parades/street fests, a Robbie Burns dinner, trade shows and other odds and ends.
Been riffing ideas with Jay Stewart to resurrect/preserve some classic “clubside breakfast time” from OlyWa, which are technically available but just a little tucked away. A few of them do exist on the Choogle On feed.
There are a few other channels which I don’t think I will resurrect including the – once incredibly popular – Canucks Outsider, the happyfrog-ca pondcast, and more raincity studios and elastic path stuff.
One more note for the record, I even made a spreadsheet to keep all of the episodes, because obviously are hundreds and hundreds, organized meaning, metadata, title convention, file naming conventions, locations for our cabin and the like. I’m quite impressed with myself obviously 🙂
All subscription links and information are at: https://daveostory.com/more-daveo/pod-desk/
++ Forthcoming Postcards & Choogles ++
Doing some editing… perhaps you’ll enjoy some of these forthcoming dispatches:
  • Humble Boys Hard Land Weed – Choogle On #123
  • Punk Art Photog – Choogle On #124
  • Deep Cuts of Weed in Guam – Choogle On #125
  • Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry – Choogle On #126
  • Dad’s Malibu Super Sport – Postcard #65
  • Lonely Cold Water Flat – Postcard #66
  • Annapurna’s Holy Donkeys – Postcard #67
  • Changing Transit Routes – Postcard #68
  • Preserving the Wildflower – Postcard #69
  • Gone to Sea – Postcard #…
  • Ole Dead Gramps – Postcard #…

Whatcha think?