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Diary: Luxury life with scattershot actions amidst (in)consequential events

So, to no one in particular, “please don’t mind if the posts seem a little scattershot, maybe not finely-tuned, polished and definitely random”… After all this is about fck stats make art make for the future and let the present peek over your shoulder

#daveo50 turns into #daveo52 maybe “finish” by #daveo63

As it goes, left over from my #Daveo50 “personal archaeology project” as well as other sundry diaries, dossiers and whatnot, I have 380 or so posts in my WordPress “draft” folder / Plus switched from “classic“ to “Gutenberg“ which adds a step. So sort of trying to clear the deck. I’m not telling you this for any reason than to give myself an excuse to say that “not every post needs to be a complete mixed media dossier and maybe just rock them out – just make sure they follow your category naming/tagging conventions” / Reminder: Metadata is important for finding.

I really enjoy the process – especially assembling the items and then hitting “public” and floating them out into the world without any expectation – the part I don’t like is sitting and looking at a screen for more than an hour at a time. So many different topics, era & riffs.

So, instead of finishing “important” things already in the “pending folder” what follows are very basic things, photos included for no particular purpose except for my improbable, albeit somewhat inconsequential, documentation of the “usual days“.

Today, so far, recap:

Drink coffee, talked to a friend I haven’t for 3 years, hung out with Ichiro (before he & mama went to tea ceremony), took binders + stuff to kura, organized some scrapbook items, unboxed some new 7” & 10” records, ordered a 45 RPM adapter, usual dishes and laundry.

Amongst the new records is Mudhoney’s “this gift” Subpop split single (with Mr Epp on reverse) + other 7”s by White Stripes, Sebadoh, Shins more + Live 10” by Jesus and Mary Chain including one of my all-time favorite songs “head on“.

PS Still not thrilled with new phono preamp, but also not very technical hi-fi clever, need a smarter friend.

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Meta: Panorama headers, of late (volume, next)

I don’t know if you notice but each page/post at this creative life archive refreshes to another (cropped) panorama header.

I have some special/weird techniques for capturing panoramas and then need to remember where I put them and then crop them to fit.

Every few weeks/months, I add a batch more and in this case, I’m getting a *little bit* smarter by naming (the file name that is) something easier to find & making a little round-up so I can find the images later.

None of this is that interesting so file under “site meta annotations / trivia”.

Meta: Panorama headers, of late (various)

I don’t know if you notice but each page/post at this creative life archive refreshes to another (cropped) panorama header. Every few weeks/months, I add a batch more and in this case, I’m getting a *little bit* smarter by naming (the file name that is) something easier to find and in this case, making a little round-up so I can find the images later.

I have some special/weird techniques for capturing panoramas and then need to remember where I put them and then crop them to fit. None of this is interesting so file under “site meta annotations / trivia)”.

Meta: Sortganizing & Archiving {Errors & Omissions}

Dossier of Importancy Pod Stories at Purple Thistle

Gist: As i am undergoing an epically wonderful slog of personal archeology, i love the part where i find new treasures, less-so is tidying up already created things, but (as you maybe know), i’ve migrated 13+ sites/feeds/channels into one mega site (almost 5000 mixed-media posts) a few years back (thanks Duane).

I tell you this because: sometimes there are “errors and omissions” – broken links, missing images, duplicate posts, mis-categorization etc. Sometimes these are import errors, typos or sloppiness by me or helpers (often hired by Upworker etc.)

For example, recently (Dec. 2020) David G. noticed the audio embed for the “Taos Hi-jacking Incident” was borked (there was an extra “http”) and i also noticed the url slug didn’t follow my conventions. Thanks to his noticing, these are fixed. I have a spreadsheet to track such things (yes, its true, me a spreadsheet!).

Oh i should mention, most all the pods from “Choogle On with Uncle Weed” and “Postcard from Gravelly Beach” series, as well as the “grab bag” of lectures, spiels, riffs etc as “Community Feasthouse” are hosted on Internet Archive for future proofing. i.e.:


So two more things:

1) If you find errors and omissions, please submit on errors and omissions form (natch)

2) You should totally listen to the story of the night at gunpoint. When i recorded the riff year’s ago, i’d fallen out of touch with the co-conspirator Sooby Ahmed, but now back in touch and he can confirm and extrapolate any details required. 

Update: Sooby errr “Sohaib” says, 

listened to and with a nostalgia that took me back. While others were feeling beat and on the road we hit a bump! The generation its been or so since is less the surprise than this incident. I think it went well though. Thanks for recapturing!

Meta Notes: Japan Travel organized + upcoming *almost finished really* riffs

If you’re curious, I put together a category in my web archive for “Japan life/travel” to round up all the various riffs, transport videos, train rolls, diaries and museum galleries i gleefully assemble. It’s an ongoing process but hey, I’m not going anywhere.

Still have a lot more museums and train stuff to share (not surprisingly) but really limit my screen time too short sessions of productivity.

So much to share with you though! Especially some sorta olden stuff about:

  • Galleries, exhibits & museums in Japan, SF, & Nepal + a visit to Subpop HQ in 2010 (not to be confused with visit in 1999 ish)
  • Ayurveda treatment in India, Lanka & Pokhara
  • Artifacts from Palau, Yap and Guam which have been on my mind again recently
  • Tour with The Matinee in Ontario, 2017 (or was that 2018?)… 

Oh, I’ve also been tidying up an archive of Vancouver Olympic “meta coverage” meaning coverage about the coverage and media about media if you know what I mean… More to say about this in True North Media and Olympics category including a live twitter coverage of an interesting CBC panel #NoteToSelf

Also tuned up a section called Transit Chronicles which consists mostly of twitter riffs while rolling around Vancouver 2008-2012 ish.

In the meantime, here’s stuff about Japan so I have somewhere to point people to want to ask me about “where I am” “what to see” “how to do stuff” etc. etc. – keep in mind, I am a “inaka/country boy” – well really I live near a sort of forgotten provincial capital city which is just perfect in my mind, and don’t really know anything about Tokyo or Osaka and very little about Kyoto… but there are loads of resources about those places.

I know more about small cities, rural/farm experiences, scenic trains, remote hot springs, fermented foods, and post offices #theusual

Items, assembled: friendly cards (featuring typewriters)

These ain’t cards for business, these are strictly pleasure for those i meet and/or call upon. It’s a club, or a confederation of associated renegades of sorts.

This batch are printed on water colour paper via inkjet, hand cut (lovingly) and inky stamped (stamps assorted).

The photos featured include: making cards, writing letters and postcards, materials used for making such – including watercolours, typewriters, postcards, scissors, pens, stamps and stationery. It’s all very recursive – or #meta – so to speak.

Scrapbooks, in process: construction techniques and material

Sample of new scrapbook series, built with (amongst other materials): beer 6pack covers & boardgame backs, and  2002 Thuringen (Germany) sports calendar covers.

Podcast Update for 2018 – for the record

Just an update: in the past year I’ve crafted all the podcast listed below – aside from the “Guam” one (which is drafted, sort of kinda) – plus many others.

Also worth noting that the “Postcards from Gravelly Beach“ podcast feed is completely rebuilt with all proper ID3 data, blog post metadata, original album art per episode, and submitted to several more distribution sites. 81 episodes since 2005 Continue reading Podcast Update for 2018 – for the record

Scrapbook, in process – a pleasant way to pass the time

Scrapbook in process
Scrapbook: in process, a pleasant way to pass the time, sitting in bed, with scissors, tape, glue and ephemera

Visual Art: Inventory, annotated

Flowers and Doors, Bali

Blue door
White wall

Post Boxes

Muscat Oman
Kathmandu, Nepal
The Vatican
Olympia Greece
Okayama Haiku


Funiculaire QC Billets
Funiculaire QC Open
Funiculaire QC Tracks
Funiculair Takisakiyama


Goat Farm

GRAVELLY BEACH ~ Painted Winter/Spring 2005

  • #1 Snag on Beach 9×12 oil
  • #2 Madrona 9×12 oil
  • #3 Red Bark 9×12 oil & dirt
  • #4 Sakura 9×12 oil
  • #5 Iris 9×12 oil
  • #6 Bottles 9×12 water on canvas
  • #7 Spring Tree 9×12 oil
  • #8 Clam Dig 9×12 oil pastel on canvas
  • #9 Night Spar 9×12 oil
  • #10 Driftwood 16×20 oil
  • #11a/b Fireworks 9×12 oil
  • #12 Stillwater 11.5×18 charcoal
  • #13 Pathway 16×20 acrylic
  • #14 Vase 16×20 oil
  • #15 Onisan (Bob) 16×20 charcoal
  • #16 Orion 9×9 oil
  • #17 Bluff pastel on paper {note: needs photo and posted}
  • #18 Hannah’s Birthday oil

EUROPA (Entire Coast) ~ Spring/Summer 2005

  • Granada Teteria 12×8 watercolour (Spain) X 
  • Barcelona Alley By Night 12×16 acrylic (Spain) X
  • The Other Direction 12×16 water/pastel (Spain)  {note: needs photo and posted}
  • Cove Near Almeria 12×16 acrylic (Spain) X
  • Power Plant Past Cliffs 12×16 acrylic (Spain) X
  • Fig de Fox Garden 12×16 acrylic (Portugal) X
  • Building at Park Güell 12×16 acrylic (Spain) X
  • House at Parc Güell 12×16 acrylic  on paper (Spain) X
  • Picnic w/ Columbo 12×16 acrylic on paper (Spain) X
  • Tour Eiffel Picnic 12×16 charcoal on canvas (France) X

## In process {note: needs posted}

  • Santiago Beer 12×16 water on paper (Spain)
  • Galacian Cafe 12×16 pastel on paper (Spain)
  • French Farm by Train 12×16 water on paper (France)
  • Renegade Cyclist (A.dam) 12×16 pencil on paper (Netherlands)
  • Cheese, Bridges, Bikes (A.dam) 12×16 pencil on paper (Netherlands)
  • From Arch de Triumph 12×16 charcoal on canvas (France)
  • Sleeping on Train 12×16 pencil on paper (France)
  • Salema Fishing Boats 12×16 pencil on canvas (Portugal)
  • Brussels Bar 12×16 pencil on paper (Belgium)
  • Amsterdam Front Door 12×16 pencil on paper (Netherlands)
  • Bells for el Papi 12×16 pencil on canvas (Spain)
  • Telescoping to the Tower 12×16 pencil on canvas (France)
  • Amsterdam Tangles 12×16 pencil on paper (Netherlands)
  • Beers in Grandness 12×16 pencil on paper (Belgium)
  • Window, Beer, Spice (?) 12×16 pencil on paper

EUROPE (STUMBLE) ~ Summer/Fall 1993

  • Tent to Church 8×10 watercolour pencil (Germany) X
  • Weingut 8×10 watercolour pencil (Germany) X
  • Ludwigshöhe 8×10 watercolour pencil (Germany) X
  • Kastanien 8×10 watercolour pencil (Germany) X
  • Self portrait with cheese 8×10 mixed media X

LOST JAPAN ~ Fall/Winter 1994

  • Gonda Village Farm 8×10 watercolour pencil X
  • Graves Near Gonda 8×10 watercolour pencil X

STATIC MONTAGE ~ Mixed Media Collages

  • Belize ~ 2001 X
  • Palau ~  Storyboard 1995 X
  • Vancouver ~ 2013?
  • Amsterdam ~ 2002 X
  • VW Bus ~ 2003 X
  • Europa for Trev 
  • Europe from Trev X
  • Tracks on Tracks ~ 2012 X
  • SLC Olympics ~ 2002 X
  • * Grateful Dead for Dan

CLAYOQUOT Dispatch ~ Oil/Acrylic from 2007 w/ work in 2013

  • Left Bay near Clayoquot Sound, oil X
  • Right Bay near Clayoquot Sound, acrylic X
  • Lighthouse & Islands, oil

Letters from Russia – 2004

  • Camp Cabins
  • Rowboat
  • Hot lunch en route X
  • Cannon at bordino
  • Lake driftwood
  • Sunset of Dreams
  • Soot and despair
  • Lake (lucid blue)
  • Countryside


  • Evelyn Backyard 9×12 oil 2011-2013
  • Vancouver Postcard 16×20 acrylic 2011-2013 X


  • Little Bay Postcards 9×12 oil 2011-2013
  • Mr Chubby’s Irie Cove 16×20 acrylic 2011-2013
  • Little Bay Big 9×12 oil 2011-2013
  • Little Bay Little 16×20 acrylic 2011-2013

BACKDROPs ~ Logan Utah, circa 1990-1

  • Satan Lives in Moab X
  • Angry Piglet X
  • Generic Backdrop X
  • Trio X