Diary: Luxury life with scattershot actions amidst (in)consequential events

So, to no one in particular, “please don’t mind if the posts seem a little scattershot, maybe not finely-tuned, polished and definitely random”… After all this is about fck stats make art make for the future and let the present peek over your shoulder

#daveo50 turns into #daveo52 maybe “finish” by #daveo63

As it goes, left over from my #Daveo50 “personal archaeology project” as well as other sundry diaries, dossiers and whatnot, I have 380 or so posts in my WordPress “draft” folder / Plus switched from “classic“ to “Gutenberg“ which adds a step. So sort of trying to clear the deck. I’m not telling you this for any reason than to give myself an excuse to say that “not every post needs to be a complete mixed media dossier and maybe just rock them out – just make sure they follow your category naming/tagging conventions” / Reminder: Metadata is important for finding.

I really enjoy the process – especially assembling the items and then hitting “public” and floating them out into the world without any expectation – the part I don’t like is sitting and looking at a screen for more than an hour at a time. So many different topics, era & riffs.

So, instead of finishing “important” things already in the “pending folder” what follows are very basic things, photos included for no particular purpose except for my improbable, albeit somewhat inconsequential, documentation of the “usual days“.

Today, so far, recap:

Drink coffee, talked to a friend I haven’t for 3 years, hung out with Ichiro (before he & mama went to tea ceremony), took binders + stuff to kura, organized some scrapbook items, unboxed some new 7” & 10” records, ordered a 45 RPM adapter, usual dishes and laundry.

Amongst the new records is Mudhoney’s “this gift” Subpop split single (with Mr Epp on reverse) + other 7”s by White Stripes, Sebadoh, Shins more + Live 10” by Jesus and Mary Chain including one of my all-time favorite songs “head on“.

PS Still not thrilled with new phono preamp, but also not very technical hi-fi clever, need a smarter friend.

Also learned if you wanted to you can spend well over ¥10,000 on a 45 RPM record adapter. I did not spend that much.

Oh, I also replied to a bunch of lingering Twitter/Insta DMs in lieu of answering lingering emails.

(Half)watched hockey game but I guess that is assumed :). And as usual, the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs was the most entertaining/exciting, subsequent rounds have becomes less compelling, for me at least.

Carrying on:

Meanwhile, in my luxurious life, organic oatmeal, fresh coffee (with my housemade soy milk) and hockey spiels in bed.

bed oatmeal and hockey

My call for assistance with answered and my 3-ring binder stash is re-upped. I got some sortganizing to do in the kura studio.

Scribbled on a board, my sortganizing plan for curating bins of papers into various binders, collections, dossiers, drawers and whatnot. (Of course, conventions change within the process but I find starting with some sort of framework is useful and possibly amusing)

you don’t need a plan but sometimes it is handy to make one – even if fake plan

Usual snapshot to say, “I left the house, riding the pleasant public/private bus into Okayama downtown for a medical treatment” the only thing different is that rainy season has begun… I feel quite at home #Cascadian

i ride busses to hospital when not folding laundry

Later: Wow, totally spun out from treatment. Dr saw I was out of it so his son (doctor in training) was commandeered to give me a lift home. Back to pajamas into bed. End the dispatches. Peace and so on.

my Ghibli neighbourhood

Another day, another ____. At a place to do a thing but no one ever seems to send excited announcements about “this” anymore… So here is my shoe #third

not bowling but not not bowling

Darling wife studying for her tree doctor level up exam… It’s a big deal with heavy science… I’m so proud of her. First she travels to Osaka for a written exam and if that goes well, then she’s on location somewhere much farther north for an extended period time doing a practical exam in the forest.

such science, such Japanese

Back at the campsite: There was an old farm cart (maybe pulled by some sort of animal in the past?) When we were cleaning out one of the sheds so, attach some boards, moved it elsewhere and put some various potted plants – mostly kitchen herbs – and hopefully something that will trellis up on the rusty handle. check out my sweet brickwork :-) and put some various seeds in the soil at front around the steppingstones.

parsley, coriander, turmeric, other items

Meanwhile wife is drying a bunch of thyme as well as other pine needles, rosemary (i think?) and onions.

hey but i hung that bamboo pole

Another day: Made daal, two loads into tiny dishwasher well, more smallish & diligent than tiny but anyway, now folding two baskets of laundry waiting for my two darlings to come home.

its small but also small

In case you were wondering, I remembered to “burp“ my ferments today. Fizzy probiotic goodness. A variety of different anaerobic ferment vegetables (elegantly packed in peanut butter and mustard jars) Carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower and so on oh yeah, tomatoes for the first time. You know I’ll let you know how they turn out. [images elsewhere in this archive likely]

Ya gotta eat, so: We made pizza one night, didn’t have “conventional“ ingredients but we got creative and had fun. The oven works really fantastic. It’s gas and has a really loud vent fan, like really loud, but so it goes.

there is not pineapple but i am fine eother way

There’s a significant chance I may never leave Japan again – I don’t say this to sound maudlin, it’s just really hard for me to go *anywhere* these days without going into crash mode so I remind myself that I’m in a really fantastically interesting country and look, we ate this, just a few hours ago at the “one restaurant to go to frequently”. We’ll go if you come visit.

Gakucho men-ya, Okayama

Truthfully, I’m not sure if this was my coffee or not, I don’t recall this beautiful cup, maybe my darling sent it to me in a text, maybe from somewhere else, but it’s here in my “diary“ folder and it seems to fit with the pizza and the Ramen so here it is, a beautiful espresso. Is it yours? Was it tasty?

is this coffee? was it tasty?

Best messes come from arts and crafts: Worked on scrapbooks from recent cards & letters – amongst other sundry tasks.

scrapbooks full of confidential postcards

Thank you for correspondence. The string is now empty (aside from her 30% off framing coupon) and the scrapbooks are full (maybe you saw me working on this project in a video?), and I’ve heard there’s a few new things on the way.

the string is empty, it will be full again (thanks to you)

Bonus: New altar at Tsuchida Cottage, coming along. Custom made from gingko wood in Tottori.

for the ancestors and for us

Oh yeah, me and Rick: And finally, and one is probably my most significant use of the first while “social media Internet“, Europe’s favorite adopted stepchild, Rick Steves, personally replied to my suggestion that he go for a mustache instead of a beard or clean-shaven. captured at 4:19 because we know Rick is busy at 4:20.

me and Rick, ‘stacheing albeit virtually
call me Rick, we’ll have coffee and chat

Whatcha think?