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Capitol Little League Rolling in Montesano

I spent this past weekend watching a scintilating Little League touranment game at the District 3, All-Star tournament in Montesano. I am fan of the Capitol LL squad as i have watched some of these lads for four seasons and i have a vested interest in one specific player (who will remain nameless but he rulez!).

Saturday’s game was the first time in 4 years of tournaments that Capitol beat Chehalis (some of these small towns are powerhouses) behind the valiant 87-pitch, complete game by the pitcher who also accounted for 2 RBI in the 3-1 win (for the record, the one run was scored on an error when the only ball which left the infield got past the left fielder).

The young hurling warrior dug deep and got it done in thrilling fashion after a shaky first inning against a pumped up Chehalis team, ending up with a 2 hitter for the day.

(a player to be named later)

Chehalis’ pitcher got off to a stellar start striking out 8 of the first 10 batters before catcher Tony finally made some contact to break the mojo. Soon after, young Jacob thwacked a ball hard on the fence barrier – missing a home run by millimeters – despite his dimuntive size.

Sunday’s match-up i did not attend but Aberdeen’s Daily World newspaper gives some highlights of the other games as well as a recap of the Capitol versus the host team Montesano matchup. Despite being based in the largest city of the region, CCLL has alwys taken a backseat to the small town teams who live and die for the success of the younglings and the small town squads take the losses hard especcially the hosts who had smacked East Grays Harbor 18-4.

Here’s what

Capitol 7, Montesano 5

Thurston County-based Capitol scored in every inning to keep a jump or two ahead of Montesano.

Elliot Mendenhall’s two-run double over the right fielder’s head capped a three-run third that rallied Monte to a 4-all standoff.

But Austin Lee singled and eventually scored on a wild pitch in the bottom of the same inning to put Capitol in front to stay. Following an exchange of runs, Tony Davis launched a gigantic homer that landed in the outfield at adjacent Crait Field in the fifth to make it 7-5.

An error and walk enabled Montesano to put the potential tying run aboard with one out in the sixth. But Capitol reliever Jacob Mowry enticed the final two batters to hit into forceouts at third base.

Montesano enjoyed an 8-7 edge in hits, but Capitol capitalized on three early walks and some Monte baserunning misadventures.

Mendenhall, Charlie Dietrich and Matthew Jensen had two hits each for Montesano. Lee and Noah Anderson paced the winners with two hits apiece.

This means a rematch between CCLL and Chehalis Centralia on Tuesday for the title and the right to represent in the state tourney which i think is in Richalnd WA. 5PM mark it on your calendar.

UPDATE: From Dustin’s mom:

We WON! It was an awesome game. We played Montesano (whose reputation is for bleeding baseball) and apparently the players were overheard saying that it’s going to be a piece of cake game….. no problem beating Capitol. Well, we showed them!

Final score was 7-5. Austin had a nice hit. He played third. Some great defense. Dustin hit a double that was 4 feet from being out of the park and it scored Noah. Then Mr. Tony Davis hit his first ever out of the park homerun!!!! He has never hit a homerun in a game or practice! He was so excited!

Dustin’s RBI was the game winning run and Tony’s homerun was the insurance. Coaches told the boys, good defense, good hitting and good pitching. All together won the game. Monte was not a happy team!

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Lt. Magnum boarding the USS Peleliu (named for my fave island) bound for Philippines

For 12 weeks this summer, an Amphib Ship, the USS Peleliu (, loaded with Seabees ( will make 5 port calls in SE Asia of ~2 weeks each and perform humanitarian construction projects.

They had a call out for Civil Engineer Lieutenants to be liaisons at each of the locations. I volunteered and got selected to spend 16 May – 19 Jul in Manila, Philippines. I will work out of the US Embassy and make trips out to the two project locations in southern islands of the Philippines, closer to Malaysia than Manila. The locations are Tawi Tawi and Cotabato. I already found an aerial picture of Tawi Tawi and it looks like a fabulous tropical island.


Kurdistan – The Other Iraq

My brother Lt. Magnum (USN) is in Iraq and recently traveled to Kurdistan and says,

“I am in Irbil (sometimes spelled Erbil.) It is Capitol city of Kurds (you know, in Iraq, they have Arabs and Kurds) – you should look for it on a map. Kurds have culture closer to Turkey. Also, Irbil is a lot closer to Turkey than to Baghdad. The camp is run by the Korean Army. Only about a dozen Americans here.

Kurdistan – The Other Iraq

I flew down on a Japanese Self Defense Force C-130 painted pastel blue. My Japanese buddy, Major Natori, hooked me up.  Today I got a tour of a vocational school and a hospital that the Koreans built here. I met lots of really friendly Iraqis who are getting an education. A lot of them speak English really well and even make jokes.

This place is so nice. Lots of hills and green grass. The air is very clean and clear. Maybe like North Dakota from pictures I’ve seen, or Mongolia.

It is fun being with the Koreans. I ate lunch and dinner at the Korean cafe. For lunch I had bulgoggi and the red hot spicy soup that Kaito likes. It has meat and tofu and big green onions. For dinner, it was mackerel Korean style, two types of KIMCHI, and beef with Toppogi mochi. And rice is sticky rice. It is delicious after all American in Camp Victory for 4 months!

Anyway, the adventure continues.

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Lt. Magnum’s Letter in Print (for the record)

Liberals Can't Handle the Draft- Letter (07-Feb-07), Response Letter (11-Feb-07)

Rebuttal to Lt. Magnum’s “Liberals in the Military” letter

Rebuttal Letter to Lt. Magnum’s letter in the Stars and Stripes newspaper.

Dear Stars and Stripes,

I shudder to think LT Olson is a leader of troops, more likely he commands a keyboard from which he rants on about his leftist theologies, instead of doing the Lords work, which is what we Americans are here to do.

While liberals may be able to complete the military training and cower in the ranks of the blessed, they fail, as they must in the face of our divine cause. Their agenda is to disrupt with subterfuge and liberal ideals that which binds the military soul together and keeps us strong and focused on the Presidents goals.

I’m most certain that at the end of days his name will not appear in the book of life and he will be “thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur.” Remember this, ours is not to reason why, but to do and die.

Keep that in mind and with the inspirational leadership of our Commander in Chief and his chosen ones we will be victorious and will one day see the Promised Land.

Submitted by the Coalition of the willing.

And behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a balance in his hand. The beast was taken, and with him the false prophet who worked the signs in his sight, with which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. These two were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulphur.

20:12 I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and they opened books. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged out of the things which were written in the books, according to their works.



[UNCLASSIFIED] “Liberals in the Military” Letter to the Editor

A letter published in Stars and Stripes by my brother “Lt. Magnum” serving the US Navy in Iraq in response to this letter:

Liberals Can't Handle the Draft- Letter (07-Feb-07), Response Letter (11-Feb-07)

Dear Stripes,

After reading the 07 FEB 07 Letters section of the Stars and Stripes, I felt it my patriotic duty to hop on the First Amendment Rights bandwagon as SFC Elesky (ret) chose to do. How dare he push his criteria for serving in the Armed Forces as the norm? The “Special Breed” he describes is a wildly romantic notion at best.

Last time I checked, people entered the Service for a multitude of reasons beyond the one described in Mr. Elesky’s letter. They include money for school, see the world, get in shape, etc. And a fact that would cause even the most delusional “Special Breed” to get weak in the knees, many among our ranks who are as liberal as any Birkenstock-wearing, granola-eating, Eastern religion-loving, yoga-practicing, Prius-driving, homosexual tree-hugger living at Haight-Asbury (and they all made it through boot-camp!)

Indeed, there are an abundance of philosophies among our ranks; this diversity is what makes our country and military strong, and keeps me in. But getting more practical, if we get very general and categorize, as many do, liberals as non-Republicans (Mr. Elesky did not provide an adequate definition himself,) why do so many decorated war Veteran Congressmen and Senators belong to the Democratic Party? And why are they the ones with the most children in theater serving with me here in Iraq?

Why don’t more sons and daughters of the decidedly non-liberals who put us here get involved? Lastly, the supreme dishonor in Mr. Elesky’s letter is categorizing the concept of draftees as being in a lower category than the great “Special Breed.”

If you want to talk of insult then this viewpoint is the ultimate insult to the many brave men and women who fought valiantly on the foreign soil of battlefields from WWI to Vietnam as draftees.

LT Olson

Camp Victory, IRAQ

Bill’s Workspace with a View

workspace is a better palce to workBill McEwan (FlickrBlog) rolled out west a few months ago on a mission to start a groovy place to work and sure enough, he’s done it! KK took some of his usual killer photos and RainCity built him a site and all he had to do was renovate a building and make it amazing.

Workspace hosted BarCamp Vancouver and opened shop to rave reviews and has been out guerilla marketing for his endeavour. And now, the Vancouver Sun busted out a great article with a fancy snapshot to boot.

You can Read the Vancouver Sun article (with a photo and everythang), here’s a snippet to get ya started:

A converted fourth-floor Gastown loft with a stunning North Shore mountain view has become the office of the future.An open design with no walls, a cafe that offers reasonably-priced lattes, a lounge, glassed-in meeting rooms, wireless Internet access and basic office support services combine to entice self-employed, laptop-using workers away from home offices and coffee shops.

WorkSpace founder Bill MacEwen opened the Water Street facility two months ago and has already attracted 27 members, who pay from $95 to $475 a month to hang their work hats there, depending on when they want to use the space.

“It’s not just a space — it’s a movement because there’s a whole shift to this concept of co-working,” the 26-year-old entrepreneur said in an interview. “More and more people want to get out of home offices and cafes and get into something a little bit more suitable and professional without having to pay a fortune.”

The World is Not Flat checks in from The Netherlands

I don’t know Lee and Sachi personally but seems i am only a degree or two of separation apart … either way, I’ve been following along on their round the world trip and they’ve recently come ’round to Europe and into Amsterdam.

With my particular interest in the social policies of The Nederlands – having visited Amsterdam (Flickr tag) several times – (listen to Choogle on with Uncle Weed podcast episode #27), i read Lee’s recent missive with great interest.

Yup, it’s all about the harm reduction and tolerance and it turns out that decriminalization and normalization does statistically reduce abuse and use – perhaps getting high and screwing whores really are less enticing when the risk/thrill factor is removed ;-).

Thick snippet below but read the whole piece at Sex and Drugs in Liberal Holland.

 I described Amsterdam to my Mom as “A bastion of hedonism”. Sure, it has beautiful canals, nice people, amazing sights, about a billion bicycles and a ton of charm, but what is truly impressive about Amsterdam and what differentiates it on a worldwide scale is the liberal policies of the Dutch government concerning drugs and prostitution.

For instance, we stayed in a guesthouse in the Red Light District and within two blocks of our guesthouse, anyone with the money can legally buy “soft drugs” like marijuana, mushrooms and hashish in small quantities and sexual services from a host of licensed prostitutes who display their wares in large windows under red lights. I suppose you could also see some music and complete the hedonists triumverate of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.

The view from our place:

For the visitor to Amsterdam, these elements of the city can be surprising and intimidating – we talked to some people who would not step foot into the Red Light District. However, I think it is more surprising that the city doesn’t have the overall feel of a “bad neighborhood” with a high frequency of drugs, sex shops and prostitutes. There is a ragged and depressing element to the Red Light District, but I don’t think it is much different than any other city – it is just that tourists are exposed and invited to participate in activities that would otherwise be managed in dark alleys and controlled by criminals instead of government agencies.

The Dutch policy seems based on the idea that people are going to do what they are going to do, regardless of the government or the potential for punishment. And if this is true, their only tools are regulation, taxation and tolerance. It makes sense to me and the Dutch folks we talked to about it.

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Brother Bob on more adventurous hi-jinks

Older borther Lt. Bob is an naval engineer who – due to his Japanese language ability – ended up translating for some joint military exercise which involved a trip to a Aircraft Carrier named for the esteemed Republican President Lincoln (yes the same one on which BushII unfurled the Mission Accomplished banner). Besides his tripp to my old stomping grounds of Guam, he also recently embarked on trips to Italy, Hawaii and the Japanese Alps for summits and soaks.


LTJG Robert Olson, project manager at NAVFAC Far East’s Yokosuka Public Works Department Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Division, participated as an interpreter for a group of Japanese military officers and reporters observing the Valiant Shield 2006 exercise in the Northern Marianas from 16 to 23 June. Olson, who is fluent in Japanese, escorted the group on tours of Guam military installations and aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). The exercise included an arrested carrier landing and catapult-assisted takeoff from a C- 2A Greyhound. Valiant Shield 2006 tested joint operability of three carrier strike groups and over 300 aircraft. Military members from seven Pacific-rim nations participated in the foreign observer program.”

Origins of the Olsonboys

Originally published at circa 1999 — a site to share stories and culture of my family.

The Olsonboys trace their ancestry back to Norway where our surname was spelled Olsen. When grandfather Olaf left Norway at age 23 and arrived in Halifax the immigration people simply changed the spelling of his name.

The Olson family in Norway lived for at least the past 4-5 generations not far from Oslo the capital of Norway. The province is called Ostfold and the main place they lived was Sarpsborg. Locations named Tune, Skeberg, Gamlebyn and Helgebye are all in the same vicinity and are identified as places where births, marriages or deaths occurred.

Going back as far as we have on the patriarchal side it goes Mathias Olsen begat Ole Christian Mathisen who begat Thorvald Olsen who begat Olaf Olsen and a brother for Olaf named Harald. And Olaf begat a son Lorne Harold Olson on Dec. 1, 1941.

Lorne was raised primarily in Regina, Saskatchewan, attended Brigham Young University in Provo Utah and University of Oregon in Eugene. After marrying, he begat Robert Lorne Olaf Olson, David Aaron Thorvald Olson, Daniel Mark Mathias Olson, James William Christian Olson and Andrew Joseph Harald Olson.

The Mother of these Olsonboys is Lauralee Catherine Lucile Bannatyne Stevenson (Olson) now Elliott of Logan Utah. She was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Feb. 17, 1944, the daughter of Robert Louis Stevenson, the rambling salesman, business consultant and traveler and Isobel Steel Bannatyne, born in Aberdeen, Scotland now living resting near in Logan, Utah with many cats.