Have you met my Dad? #dossier

Have you met my Dad? Here’s a dossier:

Dr Lorne Harold Olson, my Dad Dec. 1 1941- Feb 11 2014, captured with a fisheye during Festivus, a few years back.

He is Lorne Harold Olson, born in Winnipeg, raised in hardscrabble North-end of Regina.

Earned Ed.D doctorate from Univ of Oregon after undergrad at BYU on scholarship, enticed by the fantastic dude to lady ratio . Rolled to Provo from Canada in a 1966(?) Malibu Super Sport he still raves about.

After teaching at Michigan State when I was but 2-3 years old, he moved us west where he taught at UBC in Recreation & Leisure faculty (now defunct) before becoming a real estate czar – accolades noted on bus boards throughout Surrey.

He inspires many with his sincere, careful leadership style. He holds secrets and helps in gentle, silent ways, and shows particular skill in sorting out complex transactions and negotiating favorable arrangements (skills I’ve relied on especially recently).

He’s love of CFL football flourished in the West End during his youth-time visits to his namesake Uncle Lorne while at Air Cadet camps in the 1960s. Indeed, he earned a pilot’s license before a license to drive a car.

We recently strolled the West End capturing reminisces and remarking on familiar dreams- plus we feasted on perogies & cabbage rolls in the ‘hood (traditional Olson clan menu).

You might have met Pops at Uncle Weed 40 or elsewhere at my gigs, and hopefully captured a bit of his magic – and, if you look closely, noted the characteristics we share (not hair).

Love you Dad (& oh guess I was in Jamaica for your birthday so happy 72 )

PS retro Lions sweater is signed by Lion legend (& Dad’s fave player) Willie Fleming (with huge thanks to the renegades of The Lions Den).

For the record, written aboard a Greyhound between Chilliwack & Abbotsford with a sketchy group of riders.

Whatcha think?