Busted down in Maple Ridge – Waiting for a ‘hound

“Busted down in Maple Ridge – Waiting for a ‘hound.”

My journey from Chilliwack started with an attempt on the 11:30 Greyhound, now after 3:30 o’clock and we’ve made as far as Maple Ridge.

Not far but technically I could bail and find a long running city bus. But I paid my $25, and, as Hunter Thompson is won’t to say: You buy the ticket, you take the ride.

Evidently a new bus is coming from Vancouver to rescue us- in the meantime I must exist solely on the rations provided in my rucksack.

Fortunately I’m issued a variety of inebriants and libations to ease the passage.


In 1993, after a brutal and grueling ‘hound trip starting with a dodgy ticket scam in Dallas then to Denver with nothing but Neil Diamond at the station, then to SLC where we reneged in semi-familiar environs, rabidly seeking pasta and companionship abs plans (I somehow ended up in Japan after this) .

But at that point, I vowed “never again” – sure I’ve rolled on other coach services, but not the dreaded Greyhound – loaded with rye-sipping grinders & confused pensioners & a few dodgy miscellany, many have trekked much further then my 20km so far – from towns like Princeton, Golden and Fort St. Prince House.

We’re changing buses and avoiding power steering fluid puddles – onwards to Terminal City by nightfall!

PS the new bus features power outlets to continue my banter

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