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bits and pieces from 11 spiels / panels at Vancouver’s personal expression conf – topics: podcasting, art, creativity, hockey, and history. find vids, pods, slides, tweets…

“Building a Scene – Rock n Roll Photo” panel – w/ bev. davies + KK at NV2009

Iggy Pop decades apart by Kk and Bev Davies at NV09
Iggy Pop, decades apart – by bev. davies and Kk at NV09


Photography isn’t always clean, in a studio with great lighting, patient models, or beautiful subjects.

In a panel with two noted Vancouver photographers Bev Davies and Kris Krug, host Dave O explores how they find inspiration, develop a differentiating style, capture atmosphere, and form relationships with the artists, plus technical tips to make a great rock shot.


NV09: Rock ‘n’ Roll Photo from Singular Software on Vimeo

Thanks to Bruce Sharpe – 25 Hour Day who also sets up the clip in Rock N Roll Photo:

Using several well-chosen photos of rock ‘n’ roll stars as a backdrop, Dave Olson finds out from noted Vancouver photographers Bev Davies and Kris Krüg how they are permitted access (or not), how they work with the musicians (or not) and what it takes to get that iconic, memorable photo. From Northern Voice 2009.

It takes a minute or two for the video to settle down. Stick with it, it’s worth it!


They’ll also discuss sharing your work to build a common experience and a “scene” for fans to self-identify with and participate in as well as compare and contrast favourite shots.


Complete Rock N Roll Photography slidedeck (Google) by Dave Olson featuring photos of Kris Krug and Bev Davies.

Live blog

Northern Voice 2009 Rock and Roll Photography Kris Krug Dave Olson Bev Davies by Miss 604 Rebecca Bollwitt

Excerpt: I first started delving into the works of the legendary Bev Davies only just over a year ago but after discovering what I have (which is simply scratching the surface) I realized what an important person she is to rock and roll history, along with Vancouver history.

Along with Kris Krug, whose rock photography is recent yet not any less inspiring and captivating, Dave Olson will guide these two through a journey of their craft both on and offline.


Northern Voice – Dean H (SubPop New Media)

I also saw a great talk moderated by Dave Olson on rock ‘n roll photography featuring Kris Krug and Bev Davies. Both of Kris and Bev take fantastic pictures (that you should really take a look at) but, in particular, some of Dev Davies’ early pictures (there are some in a Flickr set here) are must see if you’re a fan of early ‘80’s punk and hardcore. Bev was basically the only one taking pictures at these shows in Vancouver in the early ‘80’s and her collection of shots of DOA, The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, The Adolescents, Gang of Four, Duff McKagan-era Fastbacks (and on and on and on) are amazing. You may have seen her photography in the punk rock calendar that Nardwuar put together a couple years ago—all the photos in the calendar are her work.

Bev Davies - Northern Voice 2009Randy Stewart at Stewtopia: Northern Voice 2009 – Vancouver’s Finest

Dave Olson’s interview with Kris Krug and Bev Davies about rock and roll photography was fantastic. I had met Bev the day before after an intro by Peter Andersen and I had a lovely conversation, but had no idea she was so punk rock. Her pictures speak volumes.

Maryam ghaemmaghami Scoble says:

Finally, I especially enjoyed watching Dave Olson interview Bev Davies and Kris Krug about taking photographs from Rock and Roll bands and watching all the historic and amazing photos reel on stage.


KK + Bev Davies in Rock N Roll Photo by Penmachine
KK + Bev Davies in Rock N Roll Photo by Penmachine

Moderator Dave Thorvald Olson is a writer, podcaster and documentarian who frequently appears in media from High Times to CBC to BBC discussing counter-culture, art, hockey, and public policy. He’s seen hundreds of rock shows, published punk rock fanzines, followed the Grateful Dead… plus Elvis died on his 7th birthday.

Bev Davies photographed most every punk rock band in, or through, Vancouver in the 1980’s from DOA to The Clash. Her intimate and distinctive B&Ws, which appeared regularly in the alternative press, captured both the sweat of the band and the excitement of the audience and together form a compelling chronicle of Vancouver’s music history. (Bev on Flickr)

Kris Krug shot dozens of bands at the last 3 SXSW Music fests along shooting everything from fashion shows to tech conferences. Known for his x-processed style, at SXSW he captured evocative, gritty shots from well-known artists like REM and Flaming Lips to emerging acts and shares his shots with Creative Commons licensing to help bands and fans enjoy the experience. (KK on Flickr)

25 Hour Day: Letters from Russia

25 Hour Day: Letters from Russia

Letters from Russia preso – video from Northern Voice 2009

NV09 Letters from Russia from Singular Software on Vimeo.

Bruce Sharpe (who co-created an essential bit of software for audio production called Levelator and is an all around nice guy) shepherded a project to crowd-source and prepare quality video of Northern Voice 09 including Letters from Russia.

For more about the spiel and project – plus comments, tweets, blog posts etc. from the talk – visit: Letters from Russia Recap from Northern Voice 09

Here’s Bruce’s intro the Letters from Russia post at 25 Hour Day:

Dave Olson talks about the sources of inspiration, the creative process and publishing your work in this lively mixed-media presentation. Watch this and you’ll understand why Dave has been dubbed a “local cultural artifact”. From Northern Voice 2009. Note: Contains adult language.

And from @brucesharpe on Twitter:

Uncle Weed is in fine form as he illuminates the creative process behind Letters from Russia. From #northernvoice09

He and others – including my buddy Dale – made sure to mic up the presenters and set up a good angle for the shots. As the guy on the other end of the lens, i truly appreciate their work to provide a cool artifact from the preso (although i must admit my shock at seeing my decreasing hair follicles!) – my Mom will likely enjoy it as well ;-).

What I Got Out of Northern Voice 2009

What I Got Out of Northern Voice 2009

Northern Voice 2009 – Vancouver’s Finest (from Stewtopia Home of Randy Stewart)

Northern Voice 2009 – Vancouver’s Finest

Northern Voice – Dean H

Northern Voice – Dean H

5 Things I learned about Blogging, Twitter, Social Media, and Myself at Northern Voice 2009

5 Things I learned about Blogging, Twitter, Social Media, and Myself at Northern Voice 2009

Letters from Russia Recap – Northern Voice, 2009

Letters from Russia in action by Retrocactus on Flickr


Here’s everything to do with my presentation of Letters from Russia at Northern Voice 2009 – a volunteer run social media conference in year #5 and Canada’s biggest shindig of its ilk.

Letters from Russia page
Page from Letters from Russia book

I am in year 4 of presenting my mixed media messages to a diverse and enthused audience. Previous years included Fuck Stats, Make Art; 3 Ps of Podcasting; and Blogging your Passion. This year i also participated in a panel “Social Media and the Olympics: Then and Now” and moderated “Rock n’ Roll Photo” panel.


“Dave Olson talks about the sources of inspiration, the creative process and publishing your work in this lively mixed-media presentation. Watch this and you’ll understand why Dave has been dubbed a “local cultural artifact”. From Northern Voice 2009. Note: Contains adult language.”

Shot, edited and posted by Bruce Sharpe, Singular Software, 25 Hour Day, etc..



“Whether blog article, photo, video, podcast – social media should tell a story. The best stories are retold and shared with others, and the very best stories create conversations which might live on for generations.

Letters from Russia by PeterOA on Flickr

How does a content creator elevate their work from craft to art? The same creative parameters apply whether the delivery method is digital or analog or both. When applied with vigour, the work elevates to something beyond an ephemeral musing.

Using a mixed-media project called “Letters from Russia” as a example, Dave will discuss practical tactics for harnessing inspiration, plotting the big picture, grinding out the “real work”, and finally creating a satisfying tangible artifact.

Dave will discuss the role of blogs, podcasts, reader interaction, RSS, and self-publishing with chapbooks and/or on-demand web services as efficient methods of sharing and distributing the project to an audience.”


  1. Build your own copy of Letters from Russia
  2. Presentation slides for Letters from Russia
  3. Presentation notes for Letters from Russia
  4. Flickr set of the Letters from Russia art – grab em hi-res for your remix
  5. Letters fromRussia with illustrations in .pdf – Print it, sew it, make you own
  6. Letters from Russia without illustrations in .pdf or plain text at the Mountain Highway writer’s notebook blog
  7. Spoken word literature podcast Postcards from Gravelly Beach Postcards from Gravellybeach blog or subscribe via iTunes:
  8. Audio from Letters from Russia on Santa Cruz Free Radio

 Reviews, Comments, etc.

John Lyotier from 5 Things I learned about Blogging, Twitter, Social Media, and Myself at Northern Voice 2009:

Dave Olsen ( – I attended this unconference session by accident sort of. I was chatting with some of the attendees after the conclusion of Chris Heuer’s “Death of Advertising” talk [ed. note: meh… ], and then in walked this odd looking chap: floral shirt, a tickle trunk, smokey-grey fedora, and a smile that said that he knew the next 30 minutes was going to be fun. I asked those next to me what this session was about. They said, “wait and see”, and I am glad I did. Dave gave one of the more enjoyable presentations (”Letters from Russia”) that I have seen in a long time. Summarize it? I don’t think I can, and even if I tried, it wouldn’t do it justice.

Miss 604’s live blog: Northern Voice 2009 Dave Olson Letters from Russia

Today he was talking about the process from idea to publication while sharing his personal journey surrounding his Letters from Russia series. I wasn’t live blogging his session as I wanted to pay attention and focus on his message, delivered as he stood before a packed while sporting a smoking jacket.

I did however jot down some of his quotes on Twitter and John Biehler snapped some photos so I’ll share those now. (added link to retrocactus uncleweed tag on flickr)

Raul live blogged some bits and pieces at: Dave Olson at Northern Voice 2009 on “Letters to Russia”

Dave ended up at this place (I can’t really liveblog with the richness that Dave speaks). So you got to remember – the best part of DaveO’s talks is just listening to him. He is superb.
DaveO is now reading – It doesn’t make sense for me to really liveblog because you won’t get Dave’s richness. Hopefully people will put up video.
If you have all the time in the world to do everything, what are you going to do, wake up every time in the morning, getting a lot of creative work done?

Spieling Letters from Russia at Northern Voice by Tim Bray
Spieling Letters from Russia at Northern Voice by Tim Bray

Mini Updates

macfarbt: @uncleweed thanks for the sharing and goodness @ northernvoice09. I want to find a way to mash up Letters From Russia with the Nepalese.

retrocactus: @uncleweed you should make that a pre-req for those attending your next talk: craft & bring your own version of Letters from Russia

madmannequin: Lunchtime at #northernvoice09 so far really enjoyed “death of advertising” & “letters from Russia” speakers. Looking forward to the rest!

michaelallison: Great session on the creative process with @uncleweed “Letters from Russia” …that’s presentation session. #northernvoice09

sprice: such a refreshing presentation by @uncleweed at #northernvoice09. letters from russia

jennmae: Watching @uncleweed‘s letters from Russia presentation IMO he’s the best speaker I’ve seen #northernvoice09

stephen_rees: #northernvoice09 Dave Olson – Letters from Russia – laughing too hard to type

seray: Letters from Russia at #northernvoice09. Starting off in Belize, must be good, I want to go to both places!

kel_roberts: Dave Olson up next “letters from Russia”, always good presentations from Dave #northervoice09

theunabonger: Flickr feed shows me @uncleweed is sporting a fine Chapeau today at #northernvoice09 #nv09. Now to find pictures of @scales and rest of gang

retrocactus: @uncleweed holding court at #northernvoice09

FierceKitty: @uncleweed I want to clone you and put you in my pocket. #northernvoice09

Miss604: @uncleweed said “What makes a work important is giving it an audience” #northernvoice09

formulaphoto: Love that uncleweed’s sessions are so consistently funny and inspiring – and refreshingly low-tech. #northernvoice09

sparklytosingle: @uncleweed‘s new GTD formula: 80% meditation, 10% execution, 10% inebriation #northernvoice09

Miss604: @uncleweed‘s session “If you snip the kite string will it soar higher? No it will tumble to the ground” #northernvoice09Miss604: @uncleweed says ideas need to ferment and brew like beer mmmm #northernvoice09

kateleg: @uncleweed is killing it at #northernvoice09 awesome story telling

FierceKitty: @uncleweed I want to marry your smoking jacket. #northernvoice09

FierceKitty: Swooning over the excellence of @uncleweed And @rainzine. I’m sucker for the analog. #northernvoice09

Miss604: @uncleweed said “I came across a ticket that was $420 to Belize. I was like ‘BUY’ … I wonder where Belize is?” #northernvoice09

inkbase: Full house for @uncleweed at @northernvoice09

GregEh: @owlex the only session advice I can give remotely is go to @uncleweed‘s talk #northernvoice09
moritherapy: really looking forward to @uncleweed‘s session here at #northernvoice09 – LOVE last year’s
Thanks – what’d i miss? Add in the comments SVP.

Northern Voice 2009, Miss 604 talks about Dave Olson’s Letters from Russia

Northern Voice 2009 Dave Olson Letters from Russia

Northern Voice 2009 Rock and Roll Photography Kris Krug Dave Olson Bev Davies

Northern Voice 2009 Rock and Roll Photography Kris Krug Dave Olson Bev Davies