Miss 604 Blogathon Efforts, 2007

My friend, the very bloggable Becks, is brewing up some kind of crazy blog fest for food project for this weekend.  Of course this show she is nuts.  Finally, the sun shines, fireworks explode, festivals abound, her hubby is off to work out of town and she blogs!?! … a post every half hour for 24 hours or something. Ech.

The wisefolk know that Miss 604 has become the prototypical community blogger (and she’s now a pro corporate blogger in day job too) and her site is a must-stop for anyone checking out Vancouver summer activities, local cultural and social commentary, tasty Canuck bits (plus The Crazy Canucks), west end beach life, lowdown on Surrey and other sh!tinteresting stuff for aging hipsters (who escaped from Whalley (i.e. me).  By the way, i’ll be spending time editing podcasts and testing my new porch for beer drinking views.

Here’s her blurb with the all the deets about how and where to donate your bread for bread and jam.

This year I’ll be blogging from 6:00 am Saturday July 28th until 6:00 am Sunday July 29th. I will be awake (because that’s a part of the challenge) and fully interactive with commenters and sponsors. My charity will be the Surrey Food Bank, and I’ll put up a nice little badge and link when the fun begins. Until then, stay tuned, the post category will be ‘blogathon’. Who knows how silly things will get at 4:00 am Sunday morning with me running on no sleep, tethered to my laptop.

On July 28th, 2007 – 1 blog post every 30 minutes, over 24 hours = 1 cause. Miss 604’s Blogathon Posts

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  1. Thanks for the linkage and nice write up although with “blogging girl goes wild” and “surrey” you wouldn’t expect *that* to be the posted photo of choice… not that any other kinds exist… erm… YAY BLOGATHON!

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