Recommended Listening from SxSW

This is a great spiel on the big picture of culture, criticism and community and openly dialouging to figure out if we are doing something worthy.  And, if so, finding means (including vocabulary) to express what really is driving the paradigm shifts in publishing, creation and communicating by Wired’s futurist Bruce Sterling.  I don’t attend SxSW but want to go just to hear his annual state of the statelessness. 

Parts remind me a bit of the book by Jane Jacobs (Systems of Survival?) about the 2 syndromes of civilization (commercial and guardian) and how the two pollute each other when mixed.

Bruce Sterling’s SXSW Rant (.mp3)

Close your SXSW Interactive panel experience with the traditional Tuesday-afternoon talk from the outspoken author and leader of the Veridian Design Movement.

Moderator: Bruce Sterling Visionary In Residence,

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