Alive for the Playoffs – Game 5 Vs Blackhawks

Next Event: Alive for the Playoffs – Game 5 Vs Blackhawks – 05/09/2009 7:00pm PST

Lace 'em Up!

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With the Canucks leading us into what could be the most thrilling Spring in recent Vancouver's history, Canucks Outsider will be "Alive for the Playoffs" with a live video companion webcast on Friday or Saturday Canucks games throughout the run towards Lord Stanley's Cup.

Join in the fun with live chat, trivia, memorabilia, hi-jinks, beer, interviews and anecdotes from host Dave Thorvald, Dan Funboy and the bench of Canucks Outsider hockey renegades sharing insight, insults and banter. Unlike the suits on TV, we're hanging out with our hockey buddies drinking beer (and occasionally using adult language).

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