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Alive for the Playoffs – Game 5 Vs Blackhawks

Next Event: Alive for the Playoffs – Game 5 Vs Blackhawks – 05/09/2009 7:00pm PST

Lace 'em Up!

During the video cast, connect with the conversation via:

With the Canucks leading us into what could be the most thrilling Spring in recent Vancouver's history, Canucks Outsider will be "Alive for the Playoffs" with a live video companion webcast on Friday or Saturday Canucks games throughout the run towards Lord Stanley's Cup.

Join in the fun with live chat, trivia, memorabilia, hi-jinks, beer, interviews and anecdotes from host Dave Thorvald, Dan Funboy and the bench of Canucks Outsider hockey renegades sharing insight, insults and banter. Unlike the suits on TV, we're hanging out with our hockey buddies drinking beer (and occasionally using adult language).

More Alive for the Playoffs 2009 preview.

It’s Getting Ugly – Alive for the Playoffs episode 2 vs. Blackhawks

The Canucks Outsider hockey renegadesThe Canucks Outsider bench of hockey renegades convened for a hap-hazard episode of the Alive for the Playoffs 2009.

Like the Canucks without Sami Salo, minus cameraman Dale, our squad lacked focus and finish but with enough Bar-b-q and beer, we

Like the Canucks without Sami Salo, minus cameraman Dale, our squad lacked focus and finish but with enough Bar-b-q and beer, we managed to survive the night in better shape the beleaguered Canucks who turned in their first clinker of the playoffs.

The good news abounds as the series is 1-1 and the Canucks have shown great resiliency this season and frankly, this *is* the first loss of the Playoffs – we weren’t really gonna sweep all 16 right?

The Alive for the Playoffs roster featured Ian the Goalie who appeared in the “Rickety Roller Coaster Ride” episode #65 – we revisited fave topics like Kyle Wellwood, the NHL’s suspension policies regarding headshots, International rules, NHL ownership foibles, league management of the Coyotes and nuances of the goaltending position. We also broke out the Don Cherry hat and jacket for good luck.

As usual, sage-like Dan Funboy chimed in with his usual assortment of trivia, miscellanea and opinion. Ferg, Richard, Roland, Ianiv, John B., John B2, Karen and Deborah rounded out the scoring.

Ian the Goalie and Dave the hostCheck out the video archive of the episode – due to technical foibles, there are many small segments to wade through and/or peruse Canucks Outsider photos.

Despite the technical challenges, we did manage to improve a few things (stoked out the Ustram channel page), share some hardcore hockey talk, and gave out sealed packs of 1991 hockey cards without gum but featuring holograms (which apparently don’t age well).

Next Event: Alive for the Playoffs – Game 5 Vs Blackhawks – 05/09/2009 6:00pm PST

Possible guests include representatives from Australia, Poland, Joe from Black Tories, and you …

Coming for next episode:

Chat by Twitter: Follow @canucksoutsider on Twitter and hashtag your posts #outsider09 and they’ll appear in the UStream chat

Lights: Really trying to get some better lighting …

Win: Well yeah!

The holy relics Don Cherry and Ron Mclean at 2002

Canucks Outsider “Social Media and Playoff Fever in Vancouver” via Jeff Traynor, Raincity Studios

Jeff Traynor’s article from RainCity Studios about the Canucks Outsider Alive for the Playoffs vidcasts – ups to my crew making it really happen


[note : accessed via Internet Archive and re-posted in full for record] 

Social Media and Playoff Fever in Vancouver

Jeff Traynor created on Wed, 2009-04-22 09:24

Last night, Vancouver beat St. Louis in overtime to win the first round of the NHL playoffs. Canucks pride seems to be soaring here in Vancouver. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the Stanley Cup in Vancouver but things seem to be looking good this year and after last night’s performance, it’s clear we’ve got goalie who’s ready for the playoffs. There’s no shortage of people on the streets proudly sporting their Canucks paraphernalia and the flags that have been hung in every bar, restaurant and coffee shop seem to suggest that playoff fever has taken hold of the city. Yes, this is the time of year where anyone, even if you weren’t paying attention throughout the regular season, you can jump on the bandwagon become a fan.

However, someone who nobody could accuse of being a bandwaggon jumper is Canucks superfan is Dave Olson, former Raincity Studios staffer and the social media hero behind the Canucks Outsider podcast. Olson and his band of merry superfans have been providing analysis and commentary since the 2005-2006 season and offer a refreshing perspective on the Canucks. This isn’t your typical post-game wrap up; these are fans talking talking to fans about the team they love. And they also happen to really know they’re talking about.

Okay, full disclosure: I’m not really a Canucks fan. I’ve got nothing against the Canucks and being around the office here has started to make me warm up to the idea, but I happen to be cheering for a team who I’d rather not mention here (for fear being ostracized by my colleagues in the office) and let’s just say old allegiances die hard. But even as someone who’s not really a canucks fan, I still love the canucks outsider podcast. Having just moved to town, I’ve been digging through past episodes as a way getting up to speed with what’s going on. And Olson’s love for the Canucks is a little bit infectious. He’s at the games and talking to fans who love their team. It’s an exciting application for social media and traditional media outlets have been noticing with Dave recently having a couple of guest appearances on the radio to share his passion and expertise.

And as as a special exercise in playoff fandom, the Canucks Outsider is Broadcasting Live throughout the playoffs. Olson and his guests will be gathering in Dave’s North Vancouver superfan headquarters for weekend games throughout the playoffs and anyone can tune in online. After the playoff sweep, it looks like there won’t be a broadcast this weekend, but stay tuned for round two. I tuned in to watch the crew during last friday’s game and it was a riot. These guys blow away Bill Swerski and it’s far more than just a bunch of guys drinking beer and watching hockey. While there’s a lot of laughs and everyone seems to be having a great time, Olson and his guests share serious analysis and insight that make watching the game a great experience. And Dave’s going to have a bunch of different guests dropping by throughout the playoffs to keep things interesting. Be sure to check it out.

Find the live video stream at uStream, chat with other fans at #canucks-outsider on irc.freenode.net or hook up on Skype at northvandave. Just because you’re watching the game at home, it doesn’t mean have you have to be alone. Tune in at http://www.hockeynw.com/canucksoutsiderlive

Just the Prelude! – Alive for the Playoffs Round 2

Canucks Outsider’s Alive for the Playoffs video cast for Round 2 Saturday, May 2nd vs. the Chicago Black Hawks. Tune in at Hockeynw.com after 5:20PM PST for renegade punditry, trivia, interviews, and beer. Bob + Doug McKenize and Aeschylus give the announcement.

Tune in Saturday after 5:20PM PST at the Canucks Outsider Live 2009 Channel

Just the Prelude! – Alive for the Playoffs Round 2  announcement (audio, .mp3, 3:18, 3.3MB)

Canucks Outsider Alive for the Playoffs - Round 2


Social Media and Playoff Fever in Vancouver | Raincity Studios

Social Media and Playoff Fever in Vancouver | Raincity Studios by Jeff Traynor

Note: retrieved via waybackmachine

Fired it up for Game 2 – Alive for the Playoffs Wrap-up, Re-cap vs. St. Louis

Note: Apologies but had to switch userids for Game 2 on April 17, 2009 because we couldn’t reset the password for the ustream account that we used in 2007.

Here’s the Alive for the Playoffs 2009 link pack from the April 18, 2009 game versus the St. Louis Blues:

John Biehler’s Photos from Alive for the Playoffs 2009 – episode 1


Seeking Optimism on a Day of Mourning

Canucks Outsider heads to the dog days of summerDespite the support of dog nation, the Canucks beat themselves last night with a less than stellar effort in the biggest game of the year.  Sure by halfway through the 3rd period, they were rolling … a bit … Burrows (the Uni-brower), sniper of 2 goals this year (and half a dozen disallowed markers) jammed one home to give us life – enough where we knew one of the lads would come through in Overtime like so many times before in this the “season of one goal games,” right?  Someone *will* score.

We all made our picks but no one chose what happened – shoot, the shooter was heading to the bench unaware he’d scored.  Luongo knows what happened, he won’t forget for quite some time.

So now is the time we seek positives to take away – i spieled on this for much time last night in my post-Neidermeyer haze – but the “isn’t it super how we did better than expected” feeling is settling in my belly like a Denny’s hangover breakfast – a bit queasy now but should absorb the poison … eventually.

Yes records were set (Lou, Hank), pleasant surprises (Beeker and the Brabarian) and old friends stepped up for another kick at the trophy (TL), to balance out a few under-whelming performers (Chounaird, Santala) to go along with the roller coaster years of Wooly Bullis and Taylor MySpace … And sure the future looks bright – maybe the most depth in a couple of decades (mmmbop Hansen & Elder Edler, where did these guys come from?). But right now, it feels like waiting in the rain for a bus which never came.

I will do a wrap up soon with some of the State of the Franchise recordings to make a ‘montage’ of where we came from this year and talk about who might be gone next year with 11 free agents of one kind or another.

Just like Rocky went to Siberia to train in order to toughen himself up, a gut check might be the call for the Canucks to prepare for a serious run next year.  Seriously, a ‘serious’ run, not an ‘underdog’ run or a ‘big surprise’ run but instead a serious run by a team which expects and in fact *demands* to be there, playing in the biggest games, ready with the puck on the stick, ready to pull the tirgger, ready to bring the thrills of June hockey to us – the bealugered fans.

We’re ready and we’ve been ready, already.



Alas a Loss … but Good Times Anyhow … right? Canucks Outsider catch-up

Bob and Doug Mackenzie on Canucks Outsider Live
photo of Bob and Doug by Roland

A bit of bummer to say the least … up 2-0 we seemed to be driving the bus safely back the garage but alas, … the Ducks rallied with a couple to force OT and before we could get the OT mojo working, the game was over and the Nucks find themselves at the precipice – holding the short end of the stick in a 3-1 series.


The Alive for the Playoffs event last night had some technical difficulties but we played through it the best we could (i admittedly was not in game shape).  Really enjoyed the communication via multiple channels (Ustream, IRC, Skype, phone) and knowing that fans around the world are in tough with us.

Canucks Outsider live playoff podcast
photo Roland

Special Welcome:

Maddog McCarthy tuning in from Pacifica (hear Maddog talk about Nepalese politics on “Mission to the Homestead and Himalayas – Choogle on #30”Maddog was my amigo in Japan during the 94 cup run.

Canucks Outsider on ustream and IRC
photo Roland

Happy Funtime Thanks to:

  • Crazy Canucks cohorts Miss 604 ‘The Surrey Girl’ for her insight and vibe plus iowa John of RadioZoom for geeking out and taking the mic for a spell
  • Hot Wheel Jason of the Kittamat (what were they called again?) & Elastic Path for space
  • BC Floorball’s The Fossil for extra witty punditry (write blog post about the Blazers since you are the know-it-all).
  • JMV (?) the mysterious Flickr photog i didn’t get to say goodbye to – great pre-game craft time and general good humour
  • Mr. Furley for running the board and being responsible for random non sequiters

Plus cheers to Karl from the ‘Peg, Bob Sugar, Aussie Tom for coming along as well as “regulars” GZ Expat, Austrailian guy, Dan Funboy, Radio Bread, SillyGwaillo and you!

Canucks Outsider live for the playoffs
Photo Miss 604

Topical Links

These are coming at some point … can anyone remember the topics i needed to link to?  Here’s a sart (ugh ‘ll never get around to this …)

  • Curt Fraser and Glen Hanlon both coaches of the Belarus national team
  • World Champioship – Team Canada roster – Division C recap
  • Manitoba Moose win Game 7!!
  • Cory Schneider at Boston College
  • Harry Neale and Roger Nielson – coaches of the Canucks in 82
  • Vancouver Voodoo and the coach Dave ‘Tiger’ Williams
  • New West Bruins comepting for the Stanely Cup(?) Queen’s Park arena
  • Denman Arena – the now non-existent home of the Vancouver Milliionaires – winners of the Stanley Cup in 1915
  • Game 7 Wild Times in Surrey video clip
  • Bob and Doug Mackenzie’s upcoming 1 hour 24-er special

Canucks Outsider live vidcast stuff
photo by Roland – Fin by Rebecca

Misc Media Roundup

  • Dave O in Vancouver Courier
  • Miss 604 Rebecca in the Province
  • Crazy Canucks on CTV
  • Roland and Dave on CBC Radio One
  • Dave, John & Rebecca on Get Connected on CKNW

Crazy Canucks on CNW
photo by Drew O on Miss 604’s photostream

Stay On Board Outsiders!  This Canucks Bus ain’t stalled out yet!

Will likely see ya Alive for Game 5!

Well… technically this is a small turkey … Enjoy