Black Ice Issue #13 — Thirteen

If there is one figure in Greek mythology most reminiscent of the Canucks it would have to be Sisyphus.

Tuesday against Boston the rock rolled down, yesterday they pushed it back up. Tonight, it was down, up, down and ultimately up again. The tragedy in the first period during tonight’s game against the Anaheim Ducks — surrendering nine minutes in penalties and two power-play goals — quickly morphed into an epic goal scoring dual. In the second period the teams combined for 7 goals, meanwhile Vancouver coughed up a three goal lead after climbing back from a 2 goal deficit and scoring 5 unanswered goals. Steve Bernier broke a 5-5 deadlock in the middle of the third, but Cory Perry tied the game again with less than a minute on the clock. At this point the stone was somewhere half-way up (or is that half-way down) the mountain.

The shootout eschewed nothing so it was off to the shootout. Thirteen rounds Vancouver and Anaheim went, scoring only a goal each. 26 players in all participated. The player that eventually broke the deadlock? Mattias Ohlund, the fine Swedish rearguard who proudly sports the number 13 on his back.

I mentioned it was Halloween night yes? And how many goals where scored during regulation again? 13.

On a night when Hellenic mythology (with a dash of William Shakespeare) can help explain the strange plight of the Vancouver Canucks, we are left with a fusion of superstition and the supernatural. What occurred was a win, but a win we all would soon like to forget. Superstition, mythology and superstition, all hallmarks of a strange, psychotic season brewing in Vancouver Town. Everyone take cover.

And what about that lucky #7 hanging from the rafters at the garage? I say burn it in effigy.

Next Up — Detroit

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