Black Ice Issue #39 — Pool Side

Or is that rink side. I can’t remember which. In LA right now with an early flight to Vancouver for Wednesday and the beginning of the Playoffs. Playoffs you say? That’s right folks, Vancouver and it’s heady band of hockey pirates captured the NW Division for the second time in tree years and thus captured, once again, the hearts and minds of citizens the world over (the world over being a euphemism for the Fraser Valley).

So here we are. In the playoffs. And who are we playing? In these here playoffs? Well it just so happens, that after a month of speculation an opponent has indeed been chosen. And the best part about our new foe is that they are very much in the same vein as the Canucks. Our nemesis, the St. Louis Blues, have the best record in the NHL after the All-Star break (Vancouver is second) and sport a ragtag group of kids and veterans on her roster. They are ready for us and we are ready for them.

Fresh in the minds of Blues fans is the ’04 series (the last time the Blues made the postseason) when Vancouver came back from at 3-1 deficit to clinch the series in a physical match that saw Chris Pronger go face-to-face with Todd Bertuzzi. What a show down that was.

So what we have on our hands here is a grudge match. Of sorts.

And I cannot wait.


Whatcha think?