The Dave Speaks to the People

Tonight I am heading to the Canucks’ Rink (named something about a car company) to hear GM Dave Nonis speak to we humble folks about the State of the Franchise etc.  The event is invite only for season ticket holders (I am not one but my company is so i am hopping along) and should include a Q & A session in which i plan to say,

“Hi Dave, I am Dave O from the Canucks Outsider Podcast and I’ve been a writing about the Canucks since 1978.  As you likely know Dave, independent media AKA citizen journalism has moved well beyond fan sites.  Now blogs and podcasts boast audiences rivaling the ‘traditional’ media outlets and offer insightful coverage which often surpasses the cynical mainstream press.  While I applaud the Canucks’ efforts in making a blog, I am eager to hear what you have in mind to embrace and include the new media like other pro-sports franchises have done?”

Yup, that’s what i have in mind.
Nonis speaks on Draft Day
Thanks to Dhiren_M for the killer pic (dave’s hair is *always* perfect)


Whatcha think?