Too Many Daves – the ‘Nucks need a new Dave as Nonis cut loose


Did I ever tell you that Mrs. McCave
Had twenty-three sons and she named them all Dave?

Well, she did. And that wasn’t a smart thing to do.
You see, when she wants one and calls out, “Yoo-Hoo!
Come into the house, Dave!” she doesn’t get ONE.
All twenty-three Daves of hers come on the run!

He of the perfect hair, the unheralded hockey career as captain of the Maine Blackbears, a law degree, and a noted contract expert is “relieved” of his duties {Nonis relieved of General Manager and Senior Vice-President}. Alas, as a life long Canucks fans (he and me both), I am sure he is far from “relieved” and likely quite frustrated, possibly embarrassed, and certainly thoroughly disgusted. He wasn’t a perfect GM but also managed the team during a absurd lock-out, ongoing lawsuits x2, a messy ownership change and major front office personal changes.

It seemed to me, the GM, the owners, the coach and the players were a bit of an odd mix – also i am not seeing any brilliant young minds who can step into the gig with more valour then Dave.  Some say he wasn’t experienced enough or didn’t have sufficient respect from other GMs to take get calls answered and deals done but, when you compare his performance to other GMs in flux (Leafs ousted John Ferguson, Sens Bryan Murray, Floraida Jacques Martin, Atlanta’s Don Waddell) or consider the mess Doug Maclean made of the ill-fated Blue Jackets or Jay Feaster in TB or Milbury/Snow of NYI, Dave did a decent job.  Unfortunately, when stacked against Detroit’s Ken Holland, NJ’s Lou Lamarello, Doug Riseborough of the Wilds, he didn’t do enough to raise this team to the top.

I give some blame to injuries, a disconnect between coach’s system and players’ skills, and a legacy of mediocrity but those are part of the game.

BTW, anyone really thinking Ken Holland will leave the most-successful franchise of the recent era to ressurect the flailing Canucks just cause he’s from Vernon is in need of reality check. Ditto on Brian Burke. Pat Quinn is more likely (Is Quinn back IN? by Ian Bell), nevertheless i am leery of going back in time to attempt to recreate lost magic. If Scott Bowman would take the gig though, i’d pay him whatever he wants – he’s only won *everywhere* he’s worked. Pierre Lacroix used to make some deal magic for the Avs but seemed to be a no-salary cap kinda GM.

Also, no matter who’s at the helm, i am convinced the Canucks need to find a solid, money centre to build around.  All successful teams have a clutch goalie (check), a steady, defensive-minded, somewhat intimidating blueliner (sorta check), and centre who wins faceoffs, skates well, knows hockey, and is a strapping – or at least durable – lad who can distribute and snipe as needed a la Lecavailer, Thornton, Sakic, Brind a’mour … (no check) and, then a second line who can score and take advantage of 2nd tier defensive matchups (possible check). The rest of the team can slot in with the easier to find grinders, chippers, specialist, energy guys, PKers, and so on.

Right now, i’d trade anyone on the team for Malkin and Jordan Staal and rebuild around them. Since that won’t happen, and i don’t see much beyond could-be-good d-man and the possibly-a-sniper-but-undersized wingers and a string of “the next great goalie” the new GM has some work to do. The question is: How much of a rebuilding will we see this time around? The old core are gone to make money elsewhere without the drama and lofty expectations we foist upon them and everyone is tradeable i think including the suddenly holy Kesler, the belaugered Sedins, the gotta-be-pissed-off Luongo and all the 3/4 liners.

Rypien ain’t gonna save the team, nor is Raymond, Brown, Bourdon or McIver. Sure Edler and Burrows over-performed and we all love a bargain but they aren’t guys who will hoist a Conn Smythe (as cool as that’d be). No ones holding their breath for Grabner to fulfill expectations and Patrick White is a complete unknown and Schneider will take time. So where will the next Trevor Linden come from? Trade/FA or possibly a Restricted FA offer sheet (heh to RJ Umberger maybe). And old Markus Naslund – from yearly hero to persona non grata – has a all-time leading scorer ever been treated with such indifference and borderline scorn. My two-nie is on him playing for MoDo next year.

I’d very much like to know about Dave Nonis outside of recent Canucks exploits ~ learn who cuts his hair, what he studied at law school, what kind of player he is/was, who was his fave Nucks growing up, experiences in NYC, and the like but alas, Dave, we hardly knew ya.

For my part, good luck and happy times ahead to Dave.

All-time Canucks Dave Team

L Dave Balon

D Dave Baybch

D David Dunn

D David Fortier

C Dave Gagner

D David Logan

L Dave Lowry

W Dave Capuano

G Dave Mclelland

R Dave Morrison

D Dave Richter

L Dave Roberts

L Dave Saunders

C Dave Scatchard

L Dave Williams

GM Dave Nonis



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