Watching Canucks Playoffs the Barefoot Grey-Market Way

With playoff season upon us, i remember 1994 when i was in Japan eager for info as the ‘Nucks came tantilizingly close to victory.  This was before Internet for the common person and beyond the realm of TV coverage (aside from some wee high-lights via satellite after hours of sumo, cricket and baseball highlights).

Get on the Canucks Outsider bus for the Playoffs

Anyhow,  this post has proved handy in the past if only to pass folks along to more actually handy info about working around the technical logistics of getting the games whereever in Canucks nation you happen to be – and will likely come in handy for the author who is Malta-bound (though i suspect he has a Slingbox plan in mind).

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Darren Barefoot, Canucks fan and (heh) “A”-list blogger posted a great nugget of info for those who must MacGyver their way to watch the games, especially those pesky East coast tilts whilst trapped at  place of toil.

Checkout his article for the whole low-down about How to Watch Canucks Games Over the Web (snippet follows):

Tonight is the Canucks’ sixth game of the season, and the first of 17 pay-per-view games. I usually go out to a bar to watch the PPV games, but tonight I’m feeling a bit under the weather. I couldn’t actually pay to watch the games at home because I don’t use one of the Canucks’ enabled television providers. Coincidentally, a, uh, alternative means of watching the game came across my virtual transom.

I’m pretty sure this is illegal, but, you know, I’ve given the Canucks a lot of money over the years. As such, I don’t feel particularly bad about it.

Indeed.  Enjoy and if you have tips or triumphs, post ’em below in the comments.