C’est le Toque!!! Canucks Outsider Live Vidcasts at Hockey NW

Yup, just as planned … the chat worked and the CANUCKS win! What a thriller! You couldn’t script it any better! The city is abuzz as neighbours took to the sidewlaks and corners to wave flags, honk horns and holler for their heroes.

Get the whole recap at: C’est le Toque!!! Canucks beat Stars in Seven!

Tune in for the next round of freewheeling, goodtime, hockey fun via: Canucks Outsider Live

Canucks Outsider Live -20070423-26

Taking Game One of Round Two off but we’ll be back in action for the weekend – possibly at a fine establishment. Ideas? Must have a table, much beer and fast wi-fi.

Ron and Don at SLC winter games with dav'es fuzzy hat
CBC’s Don Cherry and Ron Maclean talking to Joe Nieuwendyk’s brother, Gilles, while Coach Cherry wears daveo’s fuzzy hat after Canada vs Czech Republic (3-3) at 2002 SLC Winter Olympics. The hat was featured on the Coaches Corner Intro video montage for the following 2 seasons. [Olympic Photo Journal]

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