Underway at TedX Vancouver

Today, Bob Kronbauer, culturalist and curator of the charming chronicle  Vancouver is Awesome, and me Dave Olson (i’m a mixed media story maker by weekend, renegade social web community builder by day), will be bringing behind-the-scenes play-by-play to the day. Have questions? Tag your tweets #TedXVan and we’ll find em and bring you into the West Vancouver theatre filled with chipper folk despite the early hour.

TEDx Vancouver 2009 - EA Sports - Burnaby, BC
Dig into to Ted X Van!
Dave Olson and Bob - TEDx Vancouver 2010 - West Vancouver, BC
Diligent bloggers

Ace photographer Kris Krug is on-site with a squad of photo-geeks and of course, we’ll work the photos into the post but be sure to track the #TedXVan tag in Flickr as well.There is a great batch of photos from last year and i’m seeing a lot of the same faces after a quick look through the photos. I was at last year’s TedXVan but this is Bob’s first foray into this format.

The theme is The Fine Line – we’ll figure out what that means as we go along. Now the MC is up and giving the line-up and mentions of the after party (which seems like a long time from now, right now ;-).

Whatcha think?