London Skypeing – DaveO on the BBC spieling forth about Olympics and Social Media

I am on the BBC Radio 5 show called “Blogs and Pods”  spieling forth about renegade media and Olympics.

I spoke to Jamillah via Skype last week – the show aired on BBC radio on Sunday and released as a podcast Monday, Dec. 8th.

NOTE: accessed from Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, February 2017

The food, wine, opera and sport edition

This week: the campaign for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver to be more open to citizen journalists; the politics of festive food; wine online and a bit of opera to round it all off.

The podcast is poised and waiting for you to listen up! If there was something in the show that you missed and a link would come in handy – they’re all right here for you:

Should citizen journalists have full press access to Olympic events? Dave Olsen, community evangelist of Rain City Studios in Canada thinks so and explains why.

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