Pickles and Curry for VIP visitor (buying a sweet camper)

Ed, who we know from Indonesia (“allegedly” from England) now lives in Nozawa Onsen, Nagano, fixing up kominka, came to buy this sweet 20-ish year old Nissan camper van here in dear Okayama.

We set him up with our car guy who got the deal done and delivered to Tsuchida cottage.

So before he came, i broke out a jar of fresh salt fermented pickles. Yep, that’s what constitutes VIP treatment around here, and made butter chicken, a sort of tikki masala, and lots of fresh garden vegetables for a big salad – All things I can do with 10 minutes of “doing“ and then 10 minutes of resting and so on.

Mac-san (the legendary goat farmer) came over and we had a nice time, and i got to make them late-night espressos too.

Also, making soy milk at home recently from the beans… {not *just to prove that I really am a hippie :-)}

And i picked him up at the Tsuchida bus stop at short walk from the cottage after his 3x train ride from Nozawa Onsen.

not riding, just picking up

Ramble on home Ed in your sweet ride and say hey to your big wan wan (and thanks for gift for Ichi-Stan).

Whatcha think?