Things my Mom Taught Me

Things my Mom taught me:

Entrepreneurship: My first biz endeavours were working with Mom doing the “Bright Idea Company” selling handmade decorated candles – we’d stay up late rolling glitter in the rec room late night and loading up the station wagon to craft fairs and markets. I learned to talk, read people, media hack.

Celebrate: There were times (especially after our family split up) we were very poor, but Mom always made sure we went to a big fancy brunch for easter or something at a fancy hotel ballroom from time to time to remember what life can be – ya know, tasty.

Optimism: Through so many challenges, Mom keeps smiling and looking for the best in the situation and in others. Yep, she’s been taken for a ride more than once, but she leads with her heart and trust. She’s not fooled twice for the record.

Risk: Mom has picked up sticks to go elsewhere so may times (gotta be at least 60 addresses) and notably, packed up the Logan Temple house and headed to Japan with beloved brother Andrew Olson and then swung that into a circuit of SouthEast Asia (knocking off a few dozens countries and leaving me in her dust in the meanwhile) finally ending up in Guam — an odd island laden with miscreants — in which she reinvented herself again with a new batch of jobs, stories and yes, addresses.

Love: Mom, I came to your bedside when you were broken because i knew you’d do the same for me. I’ve oddly spent quite of bit of time in hospitals and know you are always there in spirit and/or body and it was a pleasure to be next to you during this rough time. I will admit it is the most miserable place i’ve even visited which is also why i came and didn’t leave.

Mom, we shared a challenging year but by sticking together, we are coming out the other end, stronger and smarter.

SO much Love

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