[UNCLASSIFIED] “Liberals in the Military” Letter to the Editor

A letter published in Stars and Stripes by my brother “Lt. Magnum” serving the US Navy in Iraq in response to this letter:

Liberals Can't Handle the Draft- Letter (07-Feb-07), Response Letter (11-Feb-07)

Dear Stripes,

After reading the 07 FEB 07 Letters section of the Stars and Stripes, I felt it my patriotic duty to hop on the First Amendment Rights bandwagon as SFC Elesky (ret) chose to do. How dare he push his criteria for serving in the Armed Forces as the norm? The “Special Breed” he describes is a wildly romantic notion at best.

Last time I checked, people entered the Service for a multitude of reasons beyond the one described in Mr. Elesky’s letter. They include money for school, see the world, get in shape, etc. And a fact that would cause even the most delusional “Special Breed” to get weak in the knees, many among our ranks who are as liberal as any Birkenstock-wearing, granola-eating, Eastern religion-loving, yoga-practicing, Prius-driving, homosexual tree-hugger living at Haight-Asbury (and they all made it through boot-camp!)

Indeed, there are an abundance of philosophies among our ranks; this diversity is what makes our country and military strong, and keeps me in. But getting more practical, if we get very general and categorize, as many do, liberals as non-Republicans (Mr. Elesky did not provide an adequate definition himself,) why do so many decorated war Veteran Congressmen and Senators belong to the Democratic Party? And why are they the ones with the most children in theater serving with me here in Iraq?

Why don’t more sons and daughters of the decidedly non-liberals who put us here get involved? Lastly, the supreme dishonor in Mr. Elesky’s letter is categorizing the concept of draftees as being in a lower category than the great “Special Breed.”

If you want to talk of insult then this viewpoint is the ultimate insult to the many brave men and women who fought valiantly on the foreign soil of battlefields from WWI to Vietnam as draftees.

LT Olson

Camp Victory, IRAQ