Creepers and Chums: meet some fine artists, 2017

Scant days until we commune together beneath the granite peaks of Little Cottonwood Canyon for the Creepers and Chums tribute wake for Lauralee and Rod Ash.

As such, I am pleasantly happy to introduce you to some of my favourite artists, as well as share some of my recent writings and interesting hats, with you.

May I present a few snapshots with some of these lovely co-conspirators? Pardons for the self-indulgence, i’m more than a wee bit excited and hope/suspect you will find a new favourite artist or 3.

Meet: Matt Layzell, Geoff Petrie, Larry Harper, Trevor Erikson, Nikos Paraskevas, James Zepp, Ronit Bhujel, Marty Kendall and others in this non-annotated gallery of renegades.

Mikael Lewis (aka Butterfield) will “headline” the gig with his blues guitar meets singer-songwriter goodness

Here’s Matt Layzell of The Matinee who along with his bandmates have fired up a song to enjoy via video
Geoff Petrie is the swiss-army knife of The Matinee and joins along on guitar and vocals for song
I met Nikos Paraskevas in Greece the day after i learned Rod passed away and formed a quick connection with his smile and music
Trio Miles are my rock n roll brethren from Pokhara, Nepal who play classic-ish rock with technique and charm
Larry Harper, sensei and autoharpist will bring songs of dam busting and stories of existentialist chaos.
Marty Kendall makes art from anything and everything and in this case, made a poster for the party
Trevor Erikson offers up some guitar styling from Pender Island, Cascadia

Whatcha think?