Memento: Atop mighty Timpanogos with brother Bob

Summer 1987 Mt. Timpanogos (elev 11750 ft) Mount Timpanogos Wilderness Area, Utah, USA We climbed this mountain many times to reach the surveying marker/shack on summit. Was quite literally in our backyard, looming over Utah Valley. Normal access is via either Timpanokee trail or Aspen Grove trail. We did both ways, every which way. Early morning, night time… Paul Moody packed up alpine skis and careened down the icefield, we saw mountain goats, wildflowers, had achey knees and took (tasteful) nekkid snaps on summit.

## Pal Cory DeMille adds: I have lost count of how many times I have been here, but it is one of my favorite places on earth! Great year too! I remember pissing out of the side door of your microbus while driving around Provo at night this year!

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