Diary: Over the wall (to barber in the neighbourhood)

Note: gone “over the wall” for a haircut / yup legit barber for #daveo50 coif.


This fella Touse-san at a neighbourhood shop called 理容タカシマwhich has that “Lost in Showa” vibe i dig (his Dad was previous proprietor)… with a few Heisei updates obv.

Ergo: Shelves of old manga, TV (i asked to turn off), coffee pot, smokes and the like. See for yourself:

Hot, humid days these days… kept it cool whilst waiting. Then, outside to catch a bus at a stop across from this smiley little post office.

Now let’s see if bus is rolling during Obon holiday / yes!

You cant see my sharp haircut and wicked moustache so you’ll just have to dig my legitimate hemp mask.

Walking home from the bus stop… this is my neighbourhood like I live in a Miyazaki movie… though I always think of myself as more of the Zatoichi type (though I skip the sword fighting and just do the part about rescuing damsels in distress, actually now that I think about it… I don’t do that part either, also don’t give good massages (usually)).

Walking home from bus stop / this charcoal wood siding is called Yakisugi (焼杉) / roasted cypress – resists rot, termites etc & renders fire resistant + water repellent. Used widely / lasts decades or centuries.

Anyhow, this is my neighbourhood Tsuchida, (Okayama, Japan). Next step: fresh up the wonderful bathtub for bathtime with the magical Ichiro Stanley / possibly listen to Jimmy Buffett, yes, I’m in that good of a mood.

3 thoughts on “Diary: Over the wall (to barber in the neighbourhood)”

    1. They have a promotion to tell your story about riding their buses and score ¥2000 gift card. It’s on my list: I drafted the story in English and set aside some photos of when we rolled back to the house the morning after our wedding from the hotel / we wearing a kilt (bought some boxers at the ¥100 store before boarding for a bit of decency), trilby hat, kneesocks and sandals carrying a bottle of whiskey and a stickered suitcase filled with magical cash envelopes, the wife and her lacy party dress like a Japanese Audrey Hepburn. Got to get on the translation and get that ¥2000 gift card

    2. They are deluxe too (power outlets, wi-fi, comfy seats, haruca card payment / the 2 other regional franchisees are no where near as lovely

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