Books: Reading List, circa (2018-2109)

My pal Erica on Steamboat island invited me to post 10 books for 10 days and invite 10 people or something… of course, i can’t do something simple and overthink everything and figured i should round up a lost of recent reading, then i should transcribe this list (didn’t do), and offer some remarks, comments, links, reviews or each (yeah right), and then add annotations to other resources or related topics in this archive (oh slow down!), so hey, here’s a bunch of scribbled sheets of paper with books and writers – not chronological or organized by author, topic or anything… just jotted down as they occurred to me over a mug of coffee (or two). 

Some great books in t/here too! Some classic, some very recent. Epic history, quirky short stories, punk rock, Pacific war, travelling, exploring…

Do with it what you will (or won’t). There are already ones i realize i forgot to write and i also have a few fermenting posts of books shelf photos, sub-sets of cover shots and another lists (including this “read all over” article from a few years back which would have sufficed for the original inquiry but hey… overthinking! 

I really should transcribe this list… will you? 

More more more 

Whatcha think?