Diary: Christmas Concert with Mae Maes and Friends

Mae Maes Christmas concert (plus fresh poster for a show in Tamano featuring Ryoko’s painting & design).

On Dec. 22nd at a store in Tsudaka, Okayama, Ryoko and her Mae Maes bandmates held a Christmas concert with 2 shows which included their originals, some festive standards including some sing-a-longs. I rolled out with M-i-L and met up with some of the usual fans, enjoyed some conversations and coffees. 

The ladies were in fine form and their new pianist Kazuko-san getting more comfy each gig.

Mae Maes Christmas song for you – “Yagi Christmas” all about getting food ready and preparing for festive goodtimes but… running behind (video by Suzumura-shacho).

Rie-san and Hatsumi-san (violin and flute) are confident players and all the recent shows are solidifying their flow. Oh and they all wore Santa-hats.

Michiko-san was along again for percussion which i think is a great addition. And this gig, the sound was actually good too! A challenge in the facility as its an echo-y store but the band was treated well with a “green room” and dedicated sound dude. 

My old-timey suitcase (really there are several but this one was lifted from Trevor on Pender Island and become my go-to over the last years) was put into action as the Mae Maes CD sales kiosk and poster stash, as well as general stage ornament. SO proud!

Me and “the boss” Tadanori Suzumura hanging out waiting for 2nd set – got to tell him about the kid coming and he was excited. He’s a good ‘un.

Here’s Suzumura-boss making funny with our pal Hamazaki in the background. 

The days before, Ryoko (with some help by me :)) made a poster for an upcoming special gig in Tamano in March. With a base of a ship painting she did in Ceningan, she added digital text and some other hand painted elements in the analog> digital style we enjoy. 

I cut out the poster to bleed edge and fell in love a little more as my girl has a high-quality paper trimmer #swoon

Oh and Suzumura shot videos again (above) and captured me taking the photo above #meta – thanks sir!

Whatcha think?