Diary: June now behind (did i misplace something?)

oh there we go, Welcome to July. Respect of the land

Diary: Oh hi July (just realizing it’s already “Canada Day” here in Japan), anyway: there we go June // ups and downs as usual but remembering the most important everythings is to be great papa, awesome husband, and reliable pal. Everything else can wait, right? Right?

peace to all.

Memo: I keep on feeling that I forgot something, or I’m missing something, or I’ve misplaced something… but I don’t know what it is. I think about this and everything in my little world seems just right, really, but just a bit “disconnected”? Ungrounded? not exactly. Stuck, a bit?

Notes: Today’s notes towards town:

  • Always sunny in Okayama (thunderstorm highly un/likely?)
  • I ate tacos & burrito & ice coffee (!)
  • Now back aboard lovely Uno bus towards Shinogoze
  • Hooray A/C, AC, wi-fi
  • Peace & kindness to all, especially you
On the bus of course

Anyhow, riding home, will rest, enjoy a book.

Alternate caption

PS So yeah, funks: much of reason is im recipient of awesomeness from exceptional friends everywhere who send fantastic packages, cards, letters, treats etc Usually im fantastic at reciprocating with ace dispatches but struggling so I feel a little bit not guilty or *inadequate*.

im so grateful for correspondence and thoughtfulness that i get a bit paralyzed at replying until i can do something exceptional. this is all in my head, i get it… but also note that *everything* i make (even in a fog) is a continual narrative to each and all my pals. just slow.

(written while hiding in cool bedroom, head squishing from barometric pressure change). in other word: i like to share with you.

unrelated, through representative photo of a postbox