Diary: Nuts, Seeds, Ballots, Cards + soup

Really not very consequential or interesting regardless…

Not only is it the best peanut butter in the world, I get free shipping and it’s great for storage jars

Several “life administration“ tasks on the list today including: a USA ballot (WA state); call to IRS (can’t I just fax them?); same-ish with CRA (will do that by postal letter I think); plus putting a variety of different nuts and seeds in peanut butter jars. Yes, my peanut butter consumption really pays off with extra jars. Think I will do that job first.

Various port commissioner and city Council positions, I sometimes recuse myself from voting but always submit my ballot in gratitude for the excellent service from Washington state secretary of state

Update: US ballot done, and various nuts/seeds/etc. put into jars (Next to the tiny dried fish)

Looks so lovely next to that jar of tiny dried fish for soup stock

Also sortganized my supplements for the next fortnight.

It’s a whole scientific system and do it for a few months, lacking a few magic potions which would put it over the top but impact is well noted

Not quite up for tax forms at the moment so going to fold some laundry and meditate on it.

Now making some broccoli and potato soup… Got that laundry folded and put away, don’t worry

made from scratch is though I know what I’m doing

Update: ate soup & salad

This was for dinner with the family
And this was my lunch home alone

Also I had the pleasure of talking to a couple of dear pals in Quebec and British Columbia… Giving me some Canada flashbacks, of which I have “mixed feelings”. #ItsComplicated

And it’s also time to rally up this month’s “Postcards as a service” fungible cohort drop. Will it be artifacts from the Jack Kerouac exhibit? Public sento bath calendar papers? Static montages from foreign and adventures? Not quite sure yet but I got some new cyan ink so anything is possible.

Preview of postcards, it’s really a perfect #AccidentallyWesAnderson

Did you get anything new in your post box recently? Some folks in Wa State, NYC, & Van BC shared their recent arrivals (will stash em later).

Whatcha think?