Meta: archive fiddling (instead of tea ceremony)

Wiped out today after (by my standards) a really hectic week so I didn’t go with my double darlings to tea ceremony. Had some emotional lay down, bit of house tidying/ usual laundry folding, “Life admin“ list reviewing, and some fiddling with my creative life archive.

Re: creative life archive, still clearing draft backlog (315) & enjoying the process, more or less.

(this composition was made for the #daveo50 series and now I’m #daveo52 but no one’s keeping score, right?)

Next up: a new series/category of “signs in the wild” + a couple more Ayurveda hospital reports from Nepal and Sri Lanka, & notes from a Shodo calligraphy exhibit & more museums.

Reckon ive mentioned before but for me, assembling the archive post is like playing some sort of video game or a puzzle or maybe even watching a TV series… I scout around hard drives and repositories for the items, combine various media, figure out categories, plot a schedule.

And, as “collections” grow from 3 posts to suddenly 7+… I create & nest in a new category.

For example: just finally made categories for “payphones” “postboxes” “currency/bank notes” and “typewriters” & moved posts.

It’s semantic web funtimes w/ clear url slugs & metadata!

Whatcha think?