Note: Ryoko’s new dump truck (& thwarting patriarchy)

Ryoko signed papers to buy 2021 Daihatsu Hi-jet, low dump kei-truck. Auto trans, 4wd, 660cc, Alas the dumps only come in white silver and no deluxe/extended cab option.

Dump feature is gonna be huge help for her. Comes 2 mo. Got 60,000¥ trade in for 12+ old Suzuki.

Kind of like this but different wheels:

Random example scoured from the Internet without photo credit, my apologies

The transaction was all conducted at the kitchen table with her “Car Guy” (company somehow called “Claudia“) who came to the house with the brochures and information and then later with the paperwork. I guess it magically just shows up one day in March. First time either of us have ever bought a “brand new car“.

Note, there are two different kinds of dump trucks.

one in which hydraulics run from engine power w/ higher deck, rails & payload

two (hers) runs off electric switch in cab, much easier. She loads tree trimmings, so bulky but not super heavy.

Wished for comfy cab seats & color and while “regular“ Kei trucks now come in *colors* other than the basic appliance white and with taller/longer cabs and other treats, the dump truck feature precludes any of these features.

While I’m talking about wife and kei-truck, I should say (like often do) i am proud to be married to a (rather rare) woman small business owner doing “rough work”. She has an awesome tool shed, clients adore her & she’s a member of the local guild (almost all older men).

Ryoko’s current runner which will be traded in

(In some Way) This is how you “smash the patriarchy” (that is pervasive in Japan) >> by action, not talking. Always want to support women owned businesses in Japan. I see you, I’m cheering for you.

PS she also sings in a jazz band, practices tea ceremony in kimono & and sharpens her own chainsaw blades

Did I mention she’s an absolutely wonderful mother and took care of me, sick son and a rabbit with a broken leg this month? Shuttling us all to different doctors appointments… #swoon / She’s an elegant force of grace and awesome.

Bonus” kei-truck digression:

Snaps of my Kei truck from mushroom farm, Tottori, 1992-3.

Hauling mushrooms from the farm to the market

2 days after I showed up, boss gave me keys to deliver enokis to market > down a twisty windy snowy mountain road, figuring out shifters “other side” of the road driving, caught in a rotary with street signs w/o romanji / yikes

In other foolish ideas, had a day off so thought would just drive to Kyoto from Tottori on back roads. Took forever. Backache!

Stayed at friend’s billet family in a closed-down hospital, super weird/creepy.

Note: #GratefulDead sticker under watchful eye of neighborhood cat.

Kei-truck unauthorized trip to Kyoto

Whatcha think?