Summer 2006 Literature Reading List

I hadn’t posted this list since i had planned to link it up so folks could click and purchase the books sending streams of money into my pocket to quickly spend on grog and leisure.

While I may find the enthusiasm one day to do this mundane econmic task, before the info is anymore stale (though *really* the timeliness doesn’t wouldn’t matter as none of these books are contemporary so to speak), here is a list of books i read this past summer – simply because i enjoy making lists (including where purchased):

Mikhail Bulgakov “Master and Margarita” (formerly banned in Soviet-era, recommended by Marty Kendall, scored at Last Word Books)

Alexander Solzhenitsyn “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch” (a haggard paperback from Logan book exchange yeeeeearssss ago)

Jack Kerouac “Dharma Bums” worn paperback (i gather to give away, this one is now in Baghdad)

Jack Keroauc parts of “Atop an Underwood” (hardback of early writing and snippets on sale at Powell’s in Portland) and “Orpheus Emerged” (hardback issue of early writing with CD from LWB)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez “The General and His Labrynths” (nice hardback from LWB)

Milan Kundera “Identity” (paperback from Last Word Books)

Richard Brautigan “Unfortunate Woman” (small hardback from Last Word Books)

Jimmy Buffet “A Salty Piece of Land” (hardback with CD, gift from Mom as per request)

Joseph Conrad “Youth: A Narrative” (tiny Penguin edition from Guam) hear part of this on Postcards from Conrad’s Youthful Adventures from an Unnamed Park – Postcard #31

Also, on the bus, … Georgia Straight, Vancouver Review, Event (Douglas Colleges’ literary journal)

While on a trip to Clayoquot Sound, also read from Gary Snyder and “Blessed of the Sky” a collection of essays on forestry plus works by Dalai Lama and Lu Ji.

Whatcha think?