Supreme Court Reviews “Bong Hits for Jesus”

If i were more completely living my dream of being a free-travelin’ writer and multi-purpose arts and craft documentarian, i would write long passages and anecdotes about my simliar stunts with a Martin Luther King Jr. Died for your Sins banner at a Orem Utah HS when MLK day was a holiday everywhere but UT and AZ. Or flying a giant condom kite with some AIDS related message up the flagpole at the same white-bread, home of the Osmonds dis-education-farm. Ahhh, also ran a clandestine, write-in, student body president campaign for a notorious and hilarious Paul Moody and caused electoral mayhem.

I suppose, with all the hi-jinks – often involving my beloved 74 VW camper, with appliances on board – i did learn many things about causing a disturbance, sabatoging events, raising a creative protest and general mudrackery.

However, I’ll lift my stein of stout with praise to these Alaskan lads who are stirring up a collasal commotion.

Read the lowdown in the Olympian:

‘Bong hits’ case unworthy of Supreme Court reviewWASHINGTON – It’s a puzzlement. The Supreme Court agreed a few days ago to hear a case from Alaska that didn’t deserve its attention. The case stems from the punishment imposed upon a high school student for publicly unfurling a 20-foot banner that read: BONG HITS 4 JESUS.

‘Bong hits’ case unworthy of Supreme Court review – Opinion – The Olympian – Olympia, Washington

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