Mementos: Tijuana Day (Scenes of Life), 1989

Tijuana Day (Scenes of Life), 1989 / accordion lad

Several times have crossed over to Tijuana for, travel to Mexico and several times trips a vantage rather badly but sometimes they’re just short of a trip.

There was one such crossing in probably 1989 with a wonderful friend on a youthful adventure. She was moving to La Jolla, near San Diego, for some job or another and I was doing my best to stay in her world. In the midst of all of it we went on several excursion, including to Tijuana for no particular reason, and whilst there, I snapped photos with an instant disposable camera (i think). Here are three faves – there are more, somewhere/sometime/maybe. 

Tijuana Day (Scenes of Life), 1989 / Amish dudes on the prowl
Tijuana Day (Scenes of Life), 1989 / lady of concern #blessings

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