HempenRoad / Credits, Bands, Makers

About the HempenRoad film project

Who made it — short credits and bios on the filmmakers as well as the support crew

Who’s in it — all the people the film talks to and where that was

Songs and bands — band credits and all we know about the bands


Eiji Masuda, Filmmaker

Eiji Masuda is an independent filmaker, originally from Tokyo, Japan. He is now studying and creating in Olympia, Washington, affiliated with The Evergreen State College’s Multi-Media program. His work is known for the combination of honest heart and soul, compelling topics as well as unique image and composition editing. His credits include the presentation of “A Spirit of A Chick” at the Olympia Film Festival. Eiji has also published several full-length books of stories and prose in Japanese language. Masuda’s Space-Frog Multi-media has also recently completed a documentary about the Japanese Tea Ceremony tradition in North America & Japan. Next is a documentary about a hotel in downtown Seattle that was a during the internment camp era of WW2.

Dave Olson, Writer / Producer

Dave Olson is a global-roaming, writer, craftsmaker, producer, farm hand, educator, tour guide . . . He has recently published definitive research on Hemp Culture in Japan. Upcoming publications include: “Travels in Palau,” “January in the Hot Springs,” a collection of Haiku-ish poems and “The Adventures of Uncle Weed,” an eco-hero for all ages. Dave has collaborated on several film projects while at Univ. of Utah and R.I.S.D., played percussion in a few bands, given many spoken word readings and fire juggling performances. Olson also runs “Internet Adventures,” an Internet training & Web design workshop in Olympia Wa. Now continuing to create the Giggling Piglet Durable Goods Co-Op, Dave hopes to bring a new model of commerce to the planet with the marketing of unique, durable hempen-ware and the production of genuine, creative projects.

Misa Nakanishi contributed additional filming, art direction, cover design and other creative & production duties.

Naoyo Masuda contributed photographs of many segments.

Pat Wood handled video sleeve layout & production and material printing duties.

Ben Livingston contributed WWW graphics

The HempenRoad film project’s Executive Producer is Robert Lunday. Robert is founder and SysOp for Hemp.Net based in Seattle, WA. He is leader in many grassroots activist campaigns as well as a provider of Internet access.

Directed, Filmed, Edited — Eiji Masuda

Produced, Written, Narrated — Dave Olson

Executive Producer — Robert Lunday

Additonal filming & art direction — Misa Nakanishi

Additional Photography — Naoyo Masuda

Vid box Layout, Design & Printing — Pat Wood

WWW Graphics — Ben Livingston


HempenRoad Cascadia journay features:

Victoria, Vancouver Isle, BC
* Ian Hunter
* Sarah Hannah Bedard
* Odette Kalman
* Eric Hughes
* Alice Bracegirdle

Eugene, Oregon
* Todd Dalotto
* Carolyn Moran
* Bruce & Diedre Mullican

Portland, Oregon
* Paul Stanford
* Cheryl Kolander
* Chris Iverson

Olympia, Washington
* Charles Tomala, Jay Stewart, Scott Orr
* Bob Owen
* Dennis Peron

Seattle, Washington
* David Edwards
* S.David Stunda
* Rob Jungman
* Khamphy S.
* Tom Cluck

Vancouver, BC

* Mari Kane
* Mosse Mellish
* Many International Speakers at the Commercial Industrial Hemp Symposium


HempenRoad Sountrack Music by . . .

* Phat Sidy Smokehouse

* JahWah

* Elemental

* Chris Sullivan

* Bread Mountain

* 420 Love

* Chris Jacobsen

* Old Time Relijun

* Collective Shoe

* J. Williamson Ensemble

* Systolie Diastolie

* and more . . .


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